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Poll:Rank These KO/CB Third Placers Edition

Hamza Tufail

Poll:Rank These KO/CB Third Placers Edition  

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  1. 1. 1- Which KO Do you Like The Most ? ( Batch 1 )

    • S3: Nicholas David~Put Your Records On
    • S4:The Swon Brothers~Drift Away
    • S5:Will Champlin~When I Was Your Man
    • S7: Chris Jamison~Sittin On
    • S8:Joshua Davis~Arms Of A Woman
    • S9:Barrett Baber~Colder Weather
    • S10:Hannah Huston~House Of The Rising Sun
  2. 2. 2- Which KO/CB Do You Like The Most ? ( Batch 2 )

    • S11:We McDonald~No More Drama
    • S12:Aliyah Moulden~Before He Cheats
    • S13:Brooke Simpson~A Natural Woman
    • S14:Kyla Jade~You Don't Own Me
    • S15:Kirk Jay~In Case You Didn't Know
    • S16:Dexter Roberts~Believe
    • S17: Katie Kadan~Piece Of My Heart
    • S18: T-storm Artis~Preach

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Batch 1:


1- When I Was Your Man _ Will Champlin

2- House Of The Rising Sun _ Hannah Huston

3- Colder Weather _ Barrett Baber

4- Drift Away _ The Swon Brothers

5- Arms Of A Woman _ Joshua Davis


Batch 2:


I like all of these performances 


1- No More Drama _ We McDonald

2- You Don't Own Me _ Kyla Jade

3- In Case You Didn't Know _ Kirk Jay

4- Piece Of My Heart _ Katie Kadan

5- Preach _ T-storm Artis

6- Believe _ Dexter Roberts

7- A Natural Woman _ Brooke Simpson

8- Before He Cheats _ Aliyah Moulden




1- When I Was Your Man _ Will Champlin

2- No More Drama _ Wè McDonald

3-  You Don't Own Me _ Kyla Jade

4- House Of The Rising Sun _ Hannah Huston

5- In Case You Didn't Know Kirk Jay


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Hannah, Kyla, and Will are my top three, the rest aren't close. 

The only reason Will beat out Hannah for me in the poll was that after Matthew went, my entire thought process was "poor Will" and by the end I was like "okay, yeah, I do see how he got that steal" whereas I went into Hannah's KO expecting her to win it. Hannah's is incredibly solid and because of her it's the only round from the pre-taped Season 10 where Alisan wasn't the iTunes chart-topper, so she does get kudos for that. 

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