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Season 1 MySpace songs


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I've been interested in tracking down as much music as I can find from Idol season one finalists and have realized that quite a few of the finalists released songs on MySpace that are no longer available anywhere. The finalist whose music I'm most curious about is Ryan Starr, because her Wikipedia page lists the specific titles for each song that she released - and only one of those songs - "My Religion" is still available anywhere. I actually asked about this on Idol Forums several months ago without any luck. Even though I realize the unlikelihood that anyone reading this happens to have any of these songs, I still wanted to ask about this one more time, just in case.


The Ryan Starr songs that I'm looking for are:


  • "Love Gone Bad"
  • "Stranded"
  • "Eyes of a Child"


Starr released a fourth song on MySpace - "7am" - but someone has already managed to help me find that one.


I'm not only looking for Ryan Starr songs. If anyone happened to save songs released by the other members of season one's top 10, then I'd be interested in those as well! My goal is to get all of these on YouTube, so that they'll be available for anyone to hear. I'm only looking for songs that aren't currently available on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube. So again, the focus of my search is mainly on songs that had been available on MySpace back in the day. If anyone here can help out, let me know! Thanks! 

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do you already have these? there is 1 copy left link


1.Ryan Starr My Religion
2.Ryan Starr Broken
3.Ryan Starr Blue
4.Aj Tabaldo Let You Go
5.Aj Tabaldo So Glad
6.Aj Tabaldo Tell Me
7.Jon Peter Lewis Boy Next Door
8.Jon Peter Lewis Gypsy Queen
9.Jon Peter Lewis Man From Amsterdam
10.Stevie Scott Close the Door
11.Stevie Scott Know Better Next Time
12.Stevie Scott Off To the City




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On 9/7/2020 at 8:34 AM, spazzoid said:

did you ever find these?


Oh, I only just saw this! No, I never did. :(


On 9/14/2020 at 9:10 AM, istersay said:

do you already have these? there is 1 copy left link


Not yet. I might buy it at some point. But sadly, the three songs that I mentioned in my original post aren't on that album. 

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