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  1. I was told before the season aired that Jenna promised Tori she'd throw it to her so that Tori could get her red skull (pressured by a deal from tori/jordan) and then she changed her mind during the actual elim and won (lmaooo) and tori/jordan were pissed... and then she 100% threw the next one (this one)
  2. nah idc what sarah says now, of course she'd never admit it after the fact. sarah is savage, and while i really don't think she would have turned against tony at any OTHER stage, if it's f4 and she sees an opening to cut him and 100% take the win there's no way she doesn't do it
  3. tori getting humbled was AMAZINGGG Jordan screaming at her was disgusting but the norm for him. tori always talks about people playing scared is pathetic blah blah blah but JUMPED at the opportunity to go against Jenna who was deemed weak (Bananas said on live that Jenna told Tori she'd throw it to her so she could get a red skull and jenna could go home to repair things with Zach, but then changed her mind in elim after TJ grilled her about it and Jordan/Tori were livid lmaoooooooo) anyway Big T Melissa
  4. Michele was the only one who made it to the end the old fashioned way (natalie needing EOE, Tony needing firemaking as he's 100% out at final 4 in a normal vote) so I think it was a bit trajeek that she didn't even get at least one vote.
  5. lol remember when Denise had a clear chance to take out Tony but instead she took out the biggest shield and only person willing to work with her? Then she just blindly followed Tony at the bottom of his minion totem pole until he disposed of her first chance he got?
  6. Not sure how much you know about Jordan but he's horrid. Called one of his black (female) roommates on his season of RW the n word (hard R) multiple times, spit on her, danced around her mocking her making monkey noises, grabbed her by her neck etc all during an altercation. He's racist Trumpie trash and LOL at you catching on the reaches the producers do to pair john with a strong competitor, something they do QUITE often.
  7. 1. Sandra 2. Michele 3. Kim 4. Tony 5. Parvati 6. Natalie 7. Ethan 8. Yul 9. Jeremy 10. Sarah 11. Adam 12. Danni 13. Sophie 14. Amber 15. Rob 16. Nick 17. Tyson 18. Ben 19. Wendell 20. Denise
  8. Denise wasted 2 idols & a fire token to take out the ONLY person on her tribe willing to work with her lol. Sandra is the biggest meat shield for ANYONE at this point because no one is going to let Sandra make the endgame, while Tony has plenty of potential to make endgame. Denise was just desperate to take out 'the queen' even stated by her during her pregame stuff. She wanted that tick on her resume, but now even dumber - no one is going to let her make f3 after padding her resume that big for no reason. FURTHERMORE - if she goes to tribal tonight ... Jeremy is 100% using his "get out of tribal" card and Kim-Tony easily 1-2 her ass since she no longer has an idol lol the move was flashy but DUMB for her lol. She votes out Tony and she has an idol for her next tribal and a potential ally in Sandra but at the very least a HUGE meat shield.
  9. Hi, Denise's move (while flashy) was not good, and arguably dumb AF & i cannot wait until it comes back to bite her in the ass
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