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What if the Cross Battles were done this season?


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Describe your own scenario that involves having the infamous Cross Battles this season.

Blake challenges Kelly

Joei vs Mandi T.

John challenges Nick

Zan vs Allegra ( Zan stolen by Kelly)

Kelly challenges Nick

Tayler vs Arei (Tayler stolen by John)

Nick challenges Blake

Roderick vs Todd (Roderick saved by Nick)

Blake challenges John

TMH vs Nelson (TMH saved by Blake)

John challenges Kelly

Thunderstorm vs Megan (Megan saved by Kelly)

Blake challenges Nick

Cam vs Michael

Kelly challenges Blake

Anaya vs Toneisha

Nick challenges Kelly

Tate vs CammWess

John challenges Blake

Darious vs Levi 

Kelly challenges Nick

Micah vs Jon ( Jon stolen by Blake)

John challenges Kelly

Joanna vs Samantha

Nick challenges John

Jacob vs Mike

John challenges Blake

Mandi C. Vs Cedrice (Mandi saved by John)



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Blake vs. Kelly

Joei wins, Mandi T. is eliminated

Nick vs. John

Mike wins, Roderick saved by his coach

John vs. Blake

Todd T. just barely beats Thunderstorm before the latter is stolen by Nick

Kelly vs. Nick

Arei wins, Tayler is snatched up by John

John vs. Kelly

Joanna wins, Samantha is eliminated

Blake vs. Nick

Levi wins, Tate is eliminated

Nick vs. Kelly

Michael surprises everyone by pulling off an upset, Kelly swoops in and saves Micah


Blake vs, John

Toneisha wins, Zan gets John's save or the public riots

Kelly vs. Nick

Allegra wins, Anaya is eliminated.

Nick vs. John

Nelson wins and Jacob is eliminated

Blake vs. Kelly

Megan pulls off the upset over Cam and he's eliminated.

John vs. Nick

Darious wins, Jon gets stolen back by Blake.

John vs. Blake

Mandi C. wins and TMH gets the coach's save.

Kelly vs. Blake

CammWess just barely edges out Cedrice, but Kelly steals her


Going into the lives:

  • Blake: Joei, Toneisha, Todd T., Levi, TMH, Jon
  • Kelly: Megan, CammWess, Cedrice, Micah
  • Nick: Allegra, Thunderstorm, Roderick, Arei, Michael
  • John: Zan, Nelson, Darious, Mandi C., Joanna, Mike, Tayler
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