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The Amazing Race Casting Spoilers


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Well the shows falling multiple seasons behind now on airing but figured we could have a place to discuss just casting spoilers. If you want to discuss placement spoilers I know they're out there for TAR 32 and I'm sure they'll be out there for TAR 33. You'll just have to create your own thread. All info is courtesy of Reality Fan Forum.


Here's the cast for TAR 32:



Riley & Maddison McKibbin - Brothers/Beach Volleyball Players (Beard M/M)
Will Jardell & James Wallington - Dating Travel Vloggers (Purple M/M)
DeAngelo Williams & Gary Barnidge - Best Friends/Former NFL Players (Blue M/M)
Cody Buell & Nathan Worthington - Fishermen (Orange M/M)
Jerry & Frank Eaves - Father/Son (African-American M/M)


Eswar & Aparna Dhinakaran - Siblings (Indian M/F)
Leo Brown & Alana Folsom - Dating (Blue M/F)
Chee Lee & Hung Nguyen - Married (Asian M/F)


Haley & Kaylynn Williams - Sisters (Blonde F/F)
LaVonne Idlette & Kellie Wells Brinkley - Olympians (Purple F/F)
Victoria & Michelle Newland - Sisters (Asian F/F)


And TAR 33 (I'll post some tweets and pictures later, there's nothing comprehensive like TAR 33 has yet obviously since the cast just started racing:)

Akbar & Sheridan Cook - Married 17 Years (African/American Grey M/F)
Ray Gantt & Caro Viee - Dating (Love Island US1 Couple)
Arun & Natalya - (Indian-American Father/Daughter Team)
"Peter" & ? (Grey-haired M + Blonde Woman F)
"Connie" & ? - (Interracial Caucasian M + Asian F)


Marissa & Marianella - (Latina Twins/Radio DJs)
Brunette F/F Team


Michael Norwood & Moe Badger - Cops (Blue African/American M/M)
Unknown Second Blue African/American M/M
Unknown Interracial M/M
Unknown Young Caucasian M/M


The cast seems insanely diverse which is really cool! Hopefully it airs one day lol.

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Here's some more info on the TAR 33 peeps:

The African American couple you can see is Caro & Ray who were on Love Island USA



And then this is Marissa & Marianela Gonzalez who are also known as Lulu Y Lala, Latina twins sisters and radios djs






And then some other various team sightings in airports:



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