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  1. Yeah so this election is absolutely screwed up. I think it's going to eventually be overturned by the courts.
  2. Just to be fair, and so the Republican mouthpieces can't claim that fact checking tends to unfairly target them, this Ted Cruz Tweet isn't real. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ted-cruz-texas-freezes-over/?utm_source=agorapulse&utm_campaign=1p
  3. No surprises on the acquittal. Time to move forward with actually governing. Democrats best path forward would be to forget about Trump and let him fade into the shadows.
  4. We are officially on a complete lockdown, after 200+ new cases just this week. The major cause for concern is that the outbreak is of the B.1.1.7 variant (UK-Kent strain), which is much more contagious and possibly also deadlier (still to be determined). Since we were living life pretty much as normal here, it looks like it was able to spread super quickly before it was first detected. How quickly life can change. On Friday evening I was at a restaurant, on Sunday evening I had a few friends over to watch the Superbowl. On Monday there was an abnormally high bump in new cases of COVID. By
  5. Things were definitely going well, so initially the call for an election didn't raise too many eyebrows. The fact that no one prepared for the exact situation we're in now though, that's absolutely insane. The election has been somewhat suspended. Yesterday it was announced that polling was suspended in 18 districts (basically St. John's and surrounding areas) until a later date, but tonight the entire in-person voting for the election has been suspended as the province has now gone into complete lockdown. Mail-in voting is officially the only way to vote now as they're not re-opening in-pe
  6. Yup, we're essentially in lock down. Voting in the election on Saturday has been suspended for 17 of the 40 electoral districts, including the one I live in. Office is closed, most businesses are closed. Welcome to March of last year part 2.
  7. Right now it comes down to the fact that he had to call an election before August, and could have done so in early summer when more people were vaccinated. People aren't stupid, they know why he called an election. There's an economic report coming in a few weeks that outlines a path forward for the government, which is going to be full of cuts and layoffs. The Liberals want their majority government before that report drops since they want to implement it and survive the backlash. This outbreak is pretty much confined to the St. John's metro region. Yesterday there were 85 new cases, for
  8. Welp, here comes a good litmus test of calling an election in the middle of a pandemic, followed by a massive COVID outbreak during the campaign. Premier Furey might be one lucky son of a bitch that a lot of people have already voted in advanced & mail-in ballots. Not many people are happy right now.
  9. Canada's CERB benefits were also not taxed, but there was fair warning to recipients to keep that in mind to stash some from each payout for the invadable tax pay-in that would come in tax season. Whether people listened or not to the warning remains to be seen, but they were told. However my reference to taxes in that post was more referring to what you pay in sales tax, income tax, etc. The government takes a lot from you, what did they do for you in turn during your time of need? -------------------- Looks like our luck has run out in my province. After months and months (literally f
  10. Sounds like the anger coming from the right-wing here should be targeted towards the previous government. In a time of need, what did the government provide to those who found themselves without a job or unable to find a job? Unemployment Insurance doesn't last very long. A cheque for 600 dollars may as well be a slap in the face to those who have been without work for almost a year. You pay the taxes, what did you get in return?
  11. I was told to get popcorn ready, but it's gone cold. Real shame. ....They're not coming back to this thread, are they? Wrote one too many cheques that bounced. Ah well.
  12. Only a few hours left for those court challenges with all that overwhelming evidence about voter fraud to happen. You'd have to think once Biden is inaugurated that reversing the election results becomes pretty much impossible.
  13. Provincial Premier approval versus how their province is doing with COVID versus the public perception of the Premiers is really interesting. You can sort of break it down into four groups: - Provinces which have handled the pandemic well and governments with high approval ratings: Atlantic Canada - Provinces which have handled the pandemic well and governments with low approval ratings: None - Provinces which have handled the pandemic poorly and governments with low approval ratings: Alberta, Manitoba to an extent - Provinces which have handled the pandemic poorly and governments wi
  14. Personal impact is a tough metric to ask about because no matter what the government does, there are very few things that can personally impact an individual, for better or worse. Taxes being the one most people will relate to, others being rights and civil liberties. Job creation can be cited as one as well, though that aspect of the economy is usually a more complex beast than just "I convinced X to keep their factory here". I haven't been impacted, I'm a white Canadian. If you want to see someone who has been negatively impacted by Trump's four years in office, look to racial minorities
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