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  1. Been a while since I've been here, but when exactly was the last time the Giants beat the Jets in the regular season? 2011? Be careful what you wish for. Trash shouldn't be calling out other trash.
  2. It's happened here quite a few times in recent memory, notably former NDP leader Earl McCurdy in 2015 and former Liberal leader Kevin Aylward in 2011. Crosbie represents a tough district with a swinging electorate and a very good (albeit young) Liberal candidate running against him. Crosbie could pull it off of course, but there's even concern within the PC party itself that Crosbie could lose his seat. No matter what happens today, unless the PCs win an election out of thin air, Crosbie's time as leader is over.
  3. Map is a re-colour of Kyle Hutton's 2019 results https://twitter.com/kylejhutton?langhttps://twitter.com/kylejhutton?lang=en=en Seat Count LIB: 24 (+5) PC: 11 (-4) NDP: 3 (0) IND: 2 (-1) Result: Liberal MAJORITY GOVERNMENT RIDING ANALYSIS 1 Torngat Mountains LIB: Devon Ryan PC: Lela Evans (INC) NDP: Patricia Johnson-Castle Prediction: Lean Progressive Conservative hold Comments: In 2019 I predicted this as an “easy Liberal hold”, which goes to show how unpredictable Labrador can be. Even more so Torngat, which has a pretty small population base. This time around I fe
  4. https://vocm.com/2021/03/24/another-big-election-fumble-in-nl/ Of course that doesn't mean that there isn't time for one more big screw up.
  5. Only Jeb can save us from this nightmare
  6. NL election results will be released to the public on Saturday at noon. Still countless reports of people who had requested ballots who still haven't received them, despite them needing to be returned by March 12th. Unreal, though I'm happy the first part of this nightmare will soon be over. I'm doing an in-depth, 40-seat analysis for another website which I'll post here before the results are made public.
  7. The effectiveness of masks, when used properly, is widely published in the literature. But go to Wal-Mart and take a look around and see the hordes of people with masks not covering their noses or just being very ill-fitting in general. It should be common knowledge, but then again the first month of the pandemic was spent teaching adults how to wash their hands properly, so maybe common sense isn't that common afterall.
  8. One of the most interesting and laughable aspects of the pandemic has been seeing how poorly adults handle being told what to do, even if its in the best interest of themselves or others. Wear a mask? It's my freaking right to not wear a mask, you can't make me! And other such nonsense.
  9. Full article at: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00728-2?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=organic&utm_campaign=NGMT_USG_JC01_GL_Nature
  10. Yeah so this election is absolutely screwed up. I think it's going to eventually be overturned by the courts.
  11. Just to be fair, and so the Republican mouthpieces can't claim that fact checking tends to unfairly target them, this Ted Cruz Tweet isn't real. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ted-cruz-texas-freezes-over/?utm_source=agorapulse&utm_campaign=1p
  12. No surprises on the acquittal. Time to move forward with actually governing. Democrats best path forward would be to forget about Trump and let him fade into the shadows.
  13. We are officially on a complete lockdown, after 200+ new cases just this week. The major cause for concern is that the outbreak is of the B.1.1.7 variant (UK-Kent strain), which is much more contagious and possibly also deadlier (still to be determined). Since we were living life pretty much as normal here, it looks like it was able to spread super quickly before it was first detected. How quickly life can change. On Friday evening I was at a restaurant, on Sunday evening I had a few friends over to watch the Superbowl. On Monday there was an abnormally high bump in new cases of COVID. By
  14. Things were definitely going well, so initially the call for an election didn't raise too many eyebrows. The fact that no one prepared for the exact situation we're in now though, that's absolutely insane. The election has been somewhat suspended. Yesterday it was announced that polling was suspended in 18 districts (basically St. John's and surrounding areas) until a later date, but tonight the entire in-person voting for the election has been suspended as the province has now gone into complete lockdown. Mail-in voting is officially the only way to vote now as they're not re-opening in-pe
  15. Yup, we're essentially in lock down. Voting in the election on Saturday has been suspended for 17 of the 40 electoral districts, including the one I live in. Office is closed, most businesses are closed. Welcome to March of last year part 2.
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