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  1. what’s with the groups this season, there’s the sisters, kck3, girl named tom, and who else? there’s like 4 that’s alot
  2. agree, Cali was good but Marina was great, Kelly was much into the performance
  3. overall I liked Micah more, durell was one of my favorite auditions from that season, and Marina Chellos knockout was probably my 2nd favorite after Max’s
  4. miracle holloway’s “you are so beautiful” was like really good, I felt like she was underrated the entire season
  5. i agree, I feel like she won her batttle against Zae Ideally she wins, Zae is stolen
  6. i hope Wyatt does well cuz I do like sinatra voices on the show, like Preston from s17 and Austin from s14 not to mention he does not look like his voice at all, I think people will be suprised
  7. I think of people like Mendeleyev, Julia Cooper, Bradley Sinclair, Deion Warren, Gean Garcia
  8. yeh it will be cool seeing people like kelly, blake, john who don’t turn as often turn a lot more this season and assuming ariana turn frequently
  9. Max Boyle “when the partys over” is the best
  10. thats a lot, but in recent seasons four chair turns are a lot less frequent
  11. do you know which season has the most, because 7 four chairs is like super unusual and cool
  12. I noticed there are many more 4 chair turns this season, compared to like s20 or s19 there were like 4, but here they have like 7-8 so far (that we know of) can anyone estimate how many we have this season
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