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  1. Lol the way you can't even comment about the studios without a swarm of people coming from hell to attack. I know she's doing the Patti version, and no I didn't have any expectations for her, she might have one of the most tragic songchoices run of the history of the show so I didn't expect anything better here, but her gimmick of taking people's versions of old ass songs and/or going full ballistic because she's unable of emoting is very tiring. I'm not desperate to attack her because I want GNT to win, as if they needed that 😂


    I wish Wendy the best of luck at the Grand Ole Opry karaoke after the show though

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  2. I really, really, really dislike what Wendy did to OTR. It sounds like a lounge song, and I feel nothing from that when she’s adding 736485 high notes and belts to it. An AA female winner has been long due, but Wendy is definitely not the person to represent the robbed queens if Shika can’t be.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Mistake006 said:

    What if Gwen kept Craig Wayne Boyd on her team? Would he have still won?


    Similarly, would Josh Kaufman have won on Team Adam?

    I feel like Josh's win is even more certain on Team Adam under normal circumstances, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had neglected/sabotaged him in favor of Christina


    On Craig's case, he definitely makes it pretty far regardless since he's the embodiment of everything the casuals love, but I'm not sure about the win unless he still sings Old Rugged Cross or some powerful gospel bait to seal the deal

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  4. I'm by no means a Jordan Smith fan, but he's one of the most absurdly consistent vocalists in the history of the show and probably the best male one, comparing Joshua to him because they're both a bit theatrical is random, they don't even sing the same type of music really. Joshua's best vocal performance doesn't even get close to Jordan's worst, his voice is very limited even if he's one of the "good" vocalists from this season and Ashes highlighted that perfectly IMO. 


    Of course Jordan had a lot going on for him, from his viral audition to his pre-lives performances that pretty much sealed the deal before the lives even started, but the comparison makes no sense to me considering that Joshua never had a breakout performance, he was always just passable and this place mainly turned him into something more than he is, due to how much people here have been thirsty for an "old-school" type of season with many frontrunners and dark horses.

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  5. My assessment of her is that she's still "too human" (much like Miley was) to be a good and strategic coach on this show. She hasn't gone through the dehumanization process required to make decisions that will give her a chance to win yet, and each pick was clearly taking a huge toll on her -- the fact she had an act at every IS this season was borderline cruel LOL


    If she were to come back, I'd hope for her to be somewhat like Alicia was, someone that seems to really connect with their acts but also knows what's the best choice to make (in the lives at least...). And better song choices ffs-

  6. 1 minute ago, Teraginn said:


    I like this finale, but I remember finding the song selection in the lives to be so boring and predictable. Especially for Hannah, and I loooved her.

    Oh agree 100%, I was speaking strictly based on quality level, the song choices killed the S10 lives RIP

  7. No one brought it up so far, but S10 definitely had the best finale IMO, as much as I don’t love Laith, I don’t think he drags the level of the finale down like others (Terry, Will, Damien, Joshua Davis, Barrett, Red Marlow).


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  8. 5th. Hailey Mia

    Straight up, she is not finale material. People here can like her all they want, but on an objective and technical standpoint she's simply a 14 y old that can sing fine, not always in tune, has an extremely limited range, and is good for her age, that's it. She's competing with adults, and if Jacquie Lee, Caroline Pennell and Adison Agen can be better than people older than them, then she has to be as well, and she's not. 


    4th. Paris Winningham

    I don't know what to say about this dude, he's a lounge singer and I hope he does something with PMJ, because he's not gonna have a career anywhere else? I think it's way more cruel to give him false hopes that singing Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers in 2021 is gonna get him anywhere in a musical market he's already in disadvantage at due to his age and race. 


    3rd. Wendy Moten

    I think she's extremely overrated as a vocalist, has an inexistent stage presence, and does nothing interesting with the songs she's given. By default, considering the people she's facing, she deserves to be in the finale at least, but people need to stop treating her like she's anywhere close to vocalists like Sisaundra.


    2nd. Jershika Maple

    The best vocalist of the season, not perfect by any means, but she's powerful, interesting and versatile, and she's had to work harder than anyone else for a spot that shouldn't even have been in question. She's gonna finish 5th because she was instant saved, is black and is not on Team Blake/Kelly, obviously, but she deserves so much better than what she got.


    1st. Girl Named Tom

    The clear winners, most consistent, and without a doubt the most interesting act that has been on the show since the golden days. I wish they weren't on Team Kelly because their harmonies are great and there is so much potential to tackle some tougher songs like Exile, but I'm just glad the show allowed me to discover them and they (should be) rightfully rewarded for their great job. 

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  9. Seeing Jershika make finale just hits different, in a good way. I said once here that I wish AA divas, who are already in disadvantage due to their color, would swim against the current and do unexpected things, and Jershika was all of that. Beggin' is a top performance of the season, I personally loved Ain't It Fun, GOK was such a fresh song choice, and even DLTSGDOM was amazing, and that song sucks. She deserves this finale spot more than 95% of the cast, and I almost cried seeing her crying out of nervousness, she's worked so hard for this and it still isn't (and probably won't ever be) enough 😔

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  10. 8. Jim & Sasha Allen

    I hope the rumor they rehearsed the song like 60 times is not true-


    7. Hailey Mia

    Again, she can sing, but she's just good for her age when she's competing with adults and has to be as good or better than them

    6. Lana Scott

    I really like her but this song makes even Carrie struggle, this was not the song she needed and judging by her face I think she knows it too


    5. Paris Winningham

    No comments.

    4. Wendy Moten

    I'm ranking her this high by default, but I didn't like her performance by any means. Overuse of high notes, for some reason she wasn't singing the chorus (the background vocalists were???), and it felt like all over the place. 

    3. Joshua Vacanti

    Also here by default, I don't like him or his tone but it was fine and it was a fresh song too so brownie points.


    2. Girl Named Tom

    This was no Alisan Porter but they did fine and I loved Caleb here especially (no bias . )

    1. Jershika Maple

    Easily the best performance of the night yet for some reason she's still in danger, love that! Why this song thoughhh


  11. 2 hours ago, Dane Bautista said:


    Awww, it sucks that you couldn't enjoy the show because of this. Why are you so mad today?

    I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to voice my opinion and be let down for expecting more wyd


    If anyone's mad and needs to take a deep breath it's you, I've lost the count of how many times I've seen you fighting in the Facebook page of the show with conservative casuals, let the oldies live 🤣

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