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  1. 7 minutes ago, Dane Bautista said:


    You really are a weirdo

    I must be! What was I thinking, expecting any interesting song choice aside of a safe song that would ensure they made it through! The way y'all legit go into attack mode when anyone gets disappointed that the show can't offer anything more than a luxury karaoke is insane, geez

  2. Something interesting that I haven't seen mentioned in this thread yet (I think it came from Lyndsey Parker), apparently Jean Kelley from S7 made some awkward joke during her blind audition about how Blake and Gwen should engage in an 80s dance-off to fight for her, and it didn't come off the best way. It seems that Gwen wasn't the biggest fan of hers and didn't love that she was stolen in the battles, as you can see below 🤣



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  3. Nice to see this thread going, I was the creator of the original one before the IDF purge and I think I have a file on my old computer of some of the ones missing there, but the ones I remember:



    Caitlin Caporale - Up to the Mountain 

    Deanna Johnson - Wanted to do Jolene for T10 but Adam thought it wasn't good; was gonna do Believe by Cher for T8



    Morgan Frazier - There Is No Arizona (Jamie O'Neal)

    Darius Scott - American Oxygen (Rihanna)

    Korin Bukowski - Wanted to do either My Immortal (Evanescence) or Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz)


    Keep in mind that some of those songs were already prepared because production assumed the contestants would have moved on (such as Ellie doing New Americana) while some of those were something the contestants said they wish they could've done, nothing was set in stone (such as Korin's).

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  4. 1 hour ago, VintageVoice said:

    I mean, Rose Short and “God’s Country” says hi, but I get where you’re coming from.

    Wouldn't really call that a moment as much as I consider it one of the good performances of recent years, since it didn't put her anywhere else she already wasn't before. She didn't get the Apple Music bonus, was still middle 3 the next round, and had to be instant saved only to get 4th place. 

  5. The show hasn't had an actual moment since S13 (Total Eclipse of the Heart) and I think people who kept watching the show didn't notice the drastic decline in the quality of the artists who have been auditioning since then, which I blame on the show no longer being able to pretend that the people who make it far (or win) have any shot at making it in the industry. I'm not gonna pretend the shows were good back then, The Voice rarely had a season where the quality of most acts was consistent (S5, 8 and 10 being the closest), but there used to be moments here and there that would remind us that the show could still deliver.


    Nowadays, I feel like people just take any performance that's not awful as a moment, because they want to clinge onto their hopes that the show is "getting good" again, but things like some comments here, polls of "who sung it best" where the winner is usually the most recent artist, or even Charlie Mason's random-ass grades makes me wonder if people have any idea of what an actual moment is supposed to be. For what it's worth, I respect anyone who's admittely biased by recent seasons, and I don't take Charlie seriously at all, but I think his A+ grade to Joshua Vacanti last night made me wonder if that person knows what an A+ performance is supposed to sound like.





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  6. i-

    8. Jim & Sasha Allen

    7. Paris Winningham

    6. Hailey Mia

    5. Joshua Vacanti


    Here by default

    4. Wendy Moten

    Earned a finale spot

    3. Lana Scott

    2. Jershika Maple
    1. Girl Named Tom

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