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  1. Team JHud

    Davon Fleming

    Shi'Ann Jones

    Noah Mac

    WC: Chris Weaver


    Team Blake

    Chloe Kohanski

    Mitchell Lee

    Keisha Rene

    WC: Natalie Stovall (for an easy loss)


    Team Adam

    Emily Luther

    Jon Mero

    Addison Agen

    WC: Adam Cunningham (he was a plague but lowkey really good)

    Team Miley

    Brooke Simpson

    Moriah Formica

    Janice Freeman

    WC: Ashland Craft


    WC Winner: Adam Cunningham

  2. 44 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    That’s fair, and I agree. The conversation sort of went off track, but it all started with someone not thinking Kelly was engaged as a coach this season, because she didn’t give a strong enough speech for Gymani last night. Somehow it ended up in a Kelly vs. Ariana debate. Oh, well. 

    I thought the speech was generic but what else could she have said considering she's in the bottom again without really deserving to? Nothing much to do ig


    51 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

    Only exception to this personality-wise that I can think of is JHud.

    I think if Ariana comes back next year (which I'm not 100% sure will happen bc of the price tag, but it's still a possibility), she'd be a lot more confident. And even with her sloppy decision making this season, I really do want her back.


    I.... completely forgot JHud has been a coach LOL you're right. I really want her back as well, I don't know if I can attribute this entirely to her, but this season somewhat gave me an old-school/golden days vibe (which is why I'm trying to follow it) that I haven't felt in quite a long time, and I think Ariana's enthusiasm and relationship with her contestants was what reminded me of what the show lost the past few seasons, which was making us viewers feel connected to the contestants and not the coaches. 


    Personally, I didn't get attached to any contestants after all, but that was just me. A lot of friends of mine who also tried to start following the show again did, when they haven't been able to get attached to anyone in the last few years, and I think that says something about the energy Ari was able to bring to the table.

  3. Instantly eliminated please
    10. Jim & Sasha Allen

    9. Hailey Mia
    8. Paris Cunningham

    7. Jeremy Rosado

    Ranked this high by default, should be a battle fodder on a good season
    6. Joshua Vacanti

    5. Lana Scott



    4. Wendy Moten

    Should have immunity till finale
    3. Holly Forbes
    2. Jershika Maple
    1. Girl Named Tom

  4. I think Ariana just knows her place both as a femme fatale woman the casuals are not likely to insta-embrace + the new kid on the block. Kelly just has this larger-than-life personality that allowed her to fit in right away, but most new coaches don't go all out on their first time. Don't think this has anything to do with Ariana's investment or anything, she clearly looks very emotional and attached to all her people (I noticed that even in the battles).

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  5. I got attacked here once and called young contestants hater because I complained about Hailey's (and Brynn's) vocal inexperience, but I really don't like how most people give youngsters a pass for singing out of tune because of their age, and go haywire when they do the bare minimum - singing in tune. 


    Addison Agen, Jacquie Lee and Caroline Penell are great examples of young contestants who were great vocally and didn't feel like kids singing in a pageant show. I don't want young contestants be good for their age, I want them to be good in spite of it.

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