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  1. On 1/15/2020 at 4:19 PM, jstxanothrxstory said:

    I'm not surprised. Her winning game wasn't really all that different from other winners, but because that cast was so terrible, she came out of it looking like some sort of Survivor God in comparison.


    Sabrina deserved, though.


  2. But here’s the deal, I don’t think they have been as stuck in a box as you’re saying. If you take Rose for instance, I don’t think anyone can argue that her journey on the show has been that of a typical black diva. If you look at the songs Katie’s sung, those have been extremely more obvious, and she might win tonight. She gets a pass for doing I’m Going Down, Baby I Love You, Without You, Adele, Gaga, the Aerosmith/Dianne Warren ballad. Rose went out of her not to be stuck in that box. Kennedy is pretty much the same thing. She did country, she did This Is Me which was a huge hit at the time, Me Too, Confident — she was marketable. Now look at how much more predictable and stuck in a box were Chevel’s picks. The one contestant you could argue was closer to an obvious black diva singing show contestant was Kyla — but then take her teammate that season, Spensha, who did contemporary song after contemporary song AND was on Team Blake. She still wasn’t seen as “really country”. You can go back to Keisha Renee for the same thing. So I don’t understand why we should accept that it’s perfectly normal that Jake gets to do cliches like Desperado and Amazed for his two last covers and win but if a black diva does a Whitney song and a Celine song, she gets called outdated. Whitney Houston herself wouldn’t have won this show if she were singing in her prime her own songs on this show. Think about that — she would have lost to Jake Hoot! I think we have had literally had every kind of black female singer on this show who had basically every kind of journey possible and there are people still playing the game of “what they have to do to win is...”. Please. No. Stop. It’s maddening to me because I’m not American and I don’t live in America (although I did live there for two years) and it’s SO transparent to me that the racial bias is tragic, and people who deny these obvious facts and try to accuse those of us exposing facts of doing “race baiting” are nothing if not enablers. Being "not racist" isn't good enough. You must stand up and be ANTI racist.

    I'm gonna ignore the last portion of your answer because you're tripping and that has nothing to do with what I was talking about.


    I never said it's acceptable for Jake to do the songs he did. He's gonna be one of, if not the blandest winner The Voice ever had. What I said is that the racial bias on these shows is sadly a thing, and those kinds of singers like Rose are doing themselves no favors by picking song choices that play more and more into America's dislike for the stereotype. I'm not arguing about the racial bias, you're completely right about that, and I'm not saying that the black divas have to follow a formula that white country singers have to follow in order to win, I'm saying that I can see why they're continuously in disadvantage when at this point it's already clear what America thinks it's ok and thinks it's not ok. And truth be told, Kennedy did the possible and impossible to break the mold, and it still wasn't enough, which sucks. I'm not supporting Katie either, and even if she's clearly not grouped by the casuals in the same box as Rose, that doesn't mean she'll have any success after the show (neither will and we know that).


    Bullet points:


    Is the racial bias clearly existent and unfortunate? Yes, sadly America is racist and black singers are unfortunately judged by standards white ones aren't.


    Is blaming all the other problems related to their artistry on the racial bias the solution? No, I don't care about someone's race, I, personally, do believe they would have higher chances if they're singing more current songs and adapting to the market than if they're singing ballads from decades ago when they're ALREADY in disadvantage due to their color.

  3. You never see white singers lifting a finger to appeal to black audiences. If Jake wins tonight, tell me one time he made an effort to appeal to a black audience. And yet if black female singers want to win, they have to pander to a white audience. Be less of themselves. There is a name to this.

    It's been 17 seasons and it's clear that America is insanely biased, but I wasn't talking about them pandering to an white audience; I was talking about them not breaking the mold and picking that kind of outdated songs when they're already in clear disadvantage, which does them no favor. Of course race unfortunately plays a big part as well, I was just talking about a different factor. :thumbs:

  4. A black woman is not winning because they never do what they really need to win the show. Season after season we see the same divas, singing the same kind of old songs, slaying vocally as usual, but ultimately proving that they have no place in the market. The moment one of them step up on stage for the Blinds, you know they're gonna sing an Aretha song, probably a Whitney song at some point too, the usual stuff. They just never really do much to break the mold and free themselves from the pre-conceptions the public is gonna have of them, even though they always have the same fate, season after season.


    Like, I'm sorry, Rose is not gonna do anything with a song choice like Border Song, let's be real. She's a fantastic vocalist, and should have more of a shot if the contest was really about the voice, but it's not and we all know it. Maybe pick a current Beyoncé or Rihanna song that can show she has some place in the market (lol) instead of an Elton John song from 1970. I used to be bothered by America not saving those kinds of singer, but I can't really blame them for not doing it anymore, not even I can be impressed by them after 15 seasons anymore. The only one I genuinely felt was robbed was Kimberly Nichole (Amanda is a different case because she peaked too early, it wasn't because she was black), who was constantly raising the bar and doing something different and better week after week, from ballads to uptempo. She was a complete vocalist and artist, and someone that was truly robbed because of how she looked like and how she performed.


    So yeah, if singers like Rose want to have any kind of shot they have to dance to America's tune, otherwise none of them will stand a chance and will only be able to get to a certain point. Can't say they're really robbed anymore :ph34rwave:

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