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  1. 10. Katie Basden - Gypsy
    9. Jacquie Lee - Stompa
    8. Warren Stone - (I Just) Died In Your Arms 
    7. Shalyah Fearing - A Broken Wing
    6. Amy Vachal - A Sunday Kind of Love
    5. Wé McDonald - No More Drama
    4. Toia Jones - Crazy in Love
    3. Chloe MK - Landslide
    2. Alisan Porter - River
    1. Matthew Schuler - Cosmic Love

  2. 7 minutes ago, zjc19951109 said:

    Why suddenly so defensive lol. Trust me I always have the same criticism against Wendy. Half of her live performances had some pitch issues, half of her live performances felt like she wasn't even trying, and almost every one of them lack emotion😆 But for some reason I just don't think she's that bad. Maybe because of her rich tone, that can solve a lot of problems for me. Regarding the OTW performance, I actually thought she's showing more emotion than before, and probably her best live performance. 

    I don't get your point here if we feel the same about Wendy then? I just posted my feelings about OTR, I think this discussion is fruitless if you want me to excuse her flaws because other contestants in the past also have flaws...? That's not being harsh, that's just how I feel about her, but if that makes you feel better I also feel like that about Danielle as a whole and most of Jordan's performances.


    7 minutes ago, Hsamid said:

    Trust me, I didn't like the song choice the first time around. But even The title of the performance on youtube says "Pati Labelle's over the rainbow".


    So she's covering a cover that prioritizes vocal showmanship over the emotion of the song. I don't see any problem. It would be a different issue if she said she was covering Judy Garland's version and made it a belt fest.


    As to why she picked that song, Wendy did say she wanted to bring back the classics, and maybe wanted to bring attention to Patti Labelle's version? Who knows for sure, and we don't know how limited her song choices were.


    I also do agree she didn't have the best song choices. However, I do think IWALY should have been that emotional performance we were looking for from her, and that's unfortunately the performance where she had the most vocal problems.

    You missed my entire point. Labeling it as the Patti LaBelle version (which I also don't like btw) doesn't suddenly makes her lack of emoting on that song okay, she could've just not done that song if she doesn't want to show emotion. I don't get why we're arguing about the fact she supposedly chose that version in order to not have to emote when that's the bare minimum a good artist should be able to do when performing LOL


    And once again, that's how I personally felt about her, if she was able to win over a lot of other people with whatever she was doing, good for her, it just didn't work for me because I'm no longer at the point where someone on the show wins me over by screaming their way through a song.

  3. 6 minutes ago, zjc19951109 said:

    You guys are being too harsh on Wendy. Does she lack emotion? 100%. But she's not any worse than some of the past winners, like Danielle Bradbery or Jordan Smith lol. IMO just enjoy the vocal and if you can't, don't watch it. At least it's better than someone who can't even stay on pitch making the final.

    I don't recall ever mentioning past winners lol I'm talking about Wendy and just Wendy, in the opinions thread. IMO just enjoy the discussions and if you can't, then don't get involved. And it's not like Wendy was pitch perfect all the time either, soo


    6 minutes ago, Hsamid said:

    I dont think her version was ment to capture the emotion of the song. After watching Patti Labelle's version, which is the one Wendy covered, that wasn't much of an emotional performance either rather than a vocal showcase.


    A lot of people have commented on Wendy's lack of emotion, and I don't think it's fair to discredit an entire group of people that feel that way. That being said, I wonder how much that has to do with her tone? Its very clean, proffesional sounding. You rarely hear her add any sort of rasp or crispness to her voice, and it's not a particularly round, full voice either.


    Personally, I thought Ain't no way had some emotional delivery to it.

    Then why pick Over the Rainbow????? There were so many other songs she could've picked to showcase her vocal gymnastics as opposed to a song that's meant to evoke a feeling of magic and freedom. You can't bake a chocolate cake then pour salt on it and say "well but it wasn't meant to be sweet!", like, it's a damn cake, it has to be sweet. The point about her tone is very valid though, I hadn't thought about that because that opens another can of worms in the form of the song choices she got. I don't know what kind of songs I'd give her, but I definitely think she got the wrong choices to show emotion with the kind of tone she has, now that you mention it. 


  4. 44 minutes ago, Rodney said:

    This needs to be printed out, put in a frame, and pushed into the face of all of her fans -- on here and elsewhere.


    Wendy had a great voice and was clearly talented.  But she sang with little to emotion in every . . . single . . . performance.  It felt like she wasn't connecting to any of the songs.  The few performances of her that I did watch, it felt like she was singing at the audience, not to them.  There was no "there" there.


    Still ecstatic that she lost.

    Yeah, I have a lot of respect for the vocal performance she delivered in OTR, but it felt to me like the plan was was to try to "outscream" her way into the win (compared to GNT's more personable and lowkey approach to songs), which IMO resulted in a vocally flawless but hollow performance of a magical song. I was also bothered by her lack of attitude and intensity during Jolene, and how she avoided singing the chorus in YAINTGB, but I couldn't criticize her without being attacked here. I personally don't know how she could've fixed those issues considering she had Blake as her coach, and Blake is the The Voice equivalent of a rich dad who spoils their kids: he's gonna buy you everything you want (AKA your ticket to the finale) and tell you that everything you do is fine & perfect, while not helping the acts improving whatsoever. 

    That reminds me of how I couldn't connect to India Carney due to her lack of emotion and excess of vibrato and runs during her performances, but Xtina quickly fixed that by giving her songs that directly appealed to her dramatic side from her theater background (Hurt) and a song that meant a lot to her and would allow her to show more connection, which funny enough was Over the Rainbow.

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  5. Now that GNT already won I can say what I wanted to without being attacked by the raging fans of Wendy


    Yes, OTR was a vocal masterclass, but I really disliked the tone she gave to the song and the amount of things that were added to a melody that’s meant to have emotion as its focus. OTR and You’re All I Need to Get By were great vocally, but she had a lot to work on in the emotions department and at the choices she made for each of her performances.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Daillon said:

    On IDF Wendy gets more negative comments than GNT and Jershika combined, I don’t know which forum have you been reading. 

    And well, about what I bolded… you might want to try a little bit harder.


    PS: I say all of this as someone who has GNT as their #1. And this will be my last post because this isn’t going anywhere.

    It really isn’t, because I only said the things you bolded after I got attacked for giving a perfectly valid opinion, which was that I don’t like what she did to the song, but I forgot that people here are unable to like a contestant and criticize them without being blind to their flaws.

    If people are fine with the path she took (very dated songs and questionable vocal choices for her performances), then that’s on them, I’m not gonna stop saying how I feel about her run because people will get pressed that she gets called out for it. To each their own.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Daillon said:

    It’s not always what you say but how you say it. There are potentially some good points in there (like the song choices) but it will be hard for anyone to side with you if you throw unnecessary shade like this…


    Or this…


    Because people here can throw shade about Jershika’s pitch or GNT being boring as much as they want but the moment someone dares speaking about Wendy they get attacked.


    I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, but I can and will give my opinion on an artist even if you guys decide to blindly defend their lack of originality or capacity to emote and sing in tune, it’s as simple as that lol

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Angelbright said:

    You’re exactly your name 

    That joke has been made already, it’s not as original as you think it is 😬


    And it’s hilarious how pressed people get when we give our opinions about something that I personally feel about, as if that was gonna be responsible for her losing lmao

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