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  1. Nick Merico - What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers
  2. Well now it’s Laine Hardy day and Bobby Bones Day. Let’s celebrate two great people and their accomplishments.
  3. I didn’t bring up Alejandro Aranda’s album tanking. That was someone else. I haven’t really keep track of his success after American Idol. That must have been why it was changed.
  4. Why did you rename it? I thought that was only if we mentioned Laine Hardy on a day that wasn’t his.
  5. Oh I realize that this was not directed towards me because I didn’t bring up Alejandro Aranda. So never mind.
  6. It’s not off topic because today is Laine Hardy day and everything that has been said was about Laine Hardy.
  7. No I still like him and I am a fan. But I was being funny with the over the top. I still think he was the best of his season. That is not changing. The best singer or American Idol contestant ever though? No he is not.
  8. Okay I see your point now. Because he hasn’t done much since the show, he probably won’t become famous or successful anytime soon.
  9. Also, how a contestant does on the show is a good reference to how well they will do after the show. At least most of the time.
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