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  1. Nick Merico - What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers
  2. No one should take Laine Hardy day away from Laine Hardy.
  3. Well now it’s Laine Hardy day and Bobby Bones Day. Let’s celebrate two great people and their accomplishments.
  4. I didn’t bring up Alejandro Aranda’s album tanking. That was someone else. I haven’t really keep track of his success after American Idol. That must have been why it was changed.
  5. Why did you rename it? I thought that was only if we mentioned Laine Hardy on a day that wasn’t his.
  6. Oh I realize that this was not directed towards me because I didn’t bring up Alejandro Aranda. So never mind.
  7. It’s not off topic because today is Laine Hardy day and everything that has been said was about Laine Hardy.
  8. No I still like him and I am a fan. But I was being funny with the over the top. I still think he was the best of his season. That is not changing. The best singer or American Idol contestant ever though? No he is not.
  9. Okay I see your point now. Because he hasn’t done much since the show, he probably won’t become famous or successful anytime soon.
  10. Also, how a contestant does on the show is a good reference to how well they will do after the show. At least most of the time.
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