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Feb 1st DPAC ~Durham ~ NC


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Theresa Swanson Robertson

 The show was fabulous. Scotty is so talented. His band, the videos clips, the light show, everything was just great. So much fun!
Amy Dupree York
Such a great show! We loved it and love Scotty ❤️ Anne Wilson was amazing too. Graylan James also had some good songs. Wonderful show…Scotty was the star & fantastic.
Laura Williams
Show was so fun!
Kristin Wolter Hasbrouck
The show was fantastic!
Christy Woods
Show is #1! Awesome !
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  • Attended Dpac and actually got to meet and chat with Scotty in the parking lot!!! Then spoke with Gabi (spelling?) and her Mom outside while waiting on tickets. What a treat for us! Sweetest down the earth family you could ever meet! Best wishes for continued success in everything you do! God Bless.

      And yes, you will cry listening to this song and others like 5 More Minutes! Plus. He does a Frank Sinatra snippet that was awesome.
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Last nights concert at DPAC was amazing. We have been wanting to see you live for a while. Wonderful stories of your life and family. Great new songs too. Best Wishes to you and Gabi always! Video’s and photos was super too!








Saw you last night at DPAC, you were AMAZING! Hope you come back next year







Wonderful concert at DPAC as always! Enjoyed your “oldies”, the borrowed, and the new ones that we got to hear! This one will be another hit for sure. It has so much meaning! Hurry back to NC for another concert asap!!! I’ll be waiting for it! ❤️





Beautiful song❤️ FANTASTIC show in Durham last night❤️


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