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What is your preferred playoffs format?


Favorite Playoffs Format  

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  1. 1. Please choose your preferred playoffs format

    • Coaches selecting 3 artists on their team to advance them to top 12, no public vote allowed
    • 2 artists on each team receiving public votes, the 3rd artist being chosen by their coach to move forward to top 12

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I prefer mostly the S17 and 21 format, whether there are 5 or 6 artists on a team, 2 go through by public vote 1 by coach choice and another wildcard from each team.


The pretaped POs do seem to give us more great performances but I like the high stakes of the live POs.

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I honestly prefer two people go through by public votes and one getting the coach save than the 3 contestants getting chosen by the coaches but sometimes I prefer that over 2 people getting public votes, so it really depends on the situation. Pretaped playoffs has been killer so far even if I still prefer the live playoffs more. 

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