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Nov 30th Berglund P. A .T ~ Roanaoke ~ VA


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It did get a late start due to a 'medical emergency".  I think our meet and greet was after 8:30.  Of course, it was a great concert.  Best part: I met a co worker that I hadn't seen since 2010!!!  She knew I'd be there and we got up at the same time to go the meet and greet.  She had a VIP, so she got Scotty to sign her laminated card from the fan club, "Go Hokies"!!!!  Scotty said not to tell his Dad.  So Mike, if you are reading this, Scotty did not sign anything Go Hokies!  Anyway State pounded Tech in football this year, so it is all good. We also got a picture together with Scotty.


Loved the concert can't say much more than that!!  I'll look to see if any of my photo are any good tomorrow. Got to get to bed, I have a big day tomorrow.  I am going to pick up a horse in West Virginia I just bought!!  I've only been wanting a horse since I was 12ish.  I am pretty sure when I get him out of the trailer at the barn I use, I'll be crying!! His barn name is Moe, registered American Saddlebred name is More Than A Memory.

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