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Nov 19th Kent State PAC ~ New Philadelphia ~ Ohio


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  • buttons66 changed the title to Nov 19th Kent State PAC ~ New Philadelphia ~ Ohio
5 hours ago, sinycalone said:

Sandy....the venue is not the Kirby Center -- as you posted i the title of the thread.

Thanks for the reminder I realised after the fact  I had written the wrong "K" venue ....and forgot to come back to change it !! 👌 Fuzzy-brain today 🤣

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Pat Bible

Damn Strait 
Tiffany Pettay
It was a great show!!
Nancy Klaiber Troyer
We were there too!
Maggie Mizer
It was awesome I was there also


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Saw Scotty McCreery tonight! What a great performance! He sure has come a long way since American Idol!




(n Between 





Damn Strait 





Nothin Right




May be an image of 1 person



May be an image of 3 people









May be an image of 4 people and guitar


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Lynn Reichman

One of the best shows I am been to. Thanks for bringing country music to the area.
Jan Blazer
Awesome show....and amazingly talented young man!
Brenda Faniola
It was a fantastic show!
Patti Showalter Moock
We should have gone to this and skipped the play in Cleveland…Lynn Guiler! lol
Job well done! ❤️❤️


Carol Clum
Loved the show ,was hoping his wife and son would come out on stage


Amy Madoni Myers
Absolutely awesome show he was amazing 👏
Z-dbClQDXLv.pngTop fan
Melody Tankovich
Thank you for such a wholesome concert,Scotty 🤍


Barb Albright
Awesome show at the perfect venue!


Kendra Gundrum
Thank you Scotty McCreery for making my little 7 year old daughter's dreams come true! You were so kind to her backstage and she was giggling and singing every song from the front row at her very first concert ❤
Mary Dingler
Enjoyed the show.
Sarah Thompson
My daughter and I loved the show tonight!


Jodi Coe
Great show!


Phyllis Tantarelli Poletti
Awesome show!!! So glad we got to go!!


Z-dbClQDXLv.pngTop fan
Beccie Booth
Awesome Show!!
Awesome show


Greg Rees
Great show Scotty!
Great show!!


Stefanie Foley
Awesome Show Scotty, enjoyed 🎸


Tina DeVecka
He was awesome !! Great show. Thank you for having him.
Great show!!


Deborah Myers
Wonderful Show!


Robin Werker
Awesome show!!👏🏻👏🏻


Mike-Gretchen Burky
Awesome show!!


Z-dbClQDXLv.pngTop fan
Debby Stanley
Thanks for the incredible show, Scotty


Katie Porcher
Great show. It was amazing


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1 Selfie and 9 concert clips....👌
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( Inc.  cute pic of Avery & Gabi side stage )

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