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October 28th Billy Bobs ~ DFW ~ Texas


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START 10:00 PM • DOORS 6:00 PM

We look forward to welcoming Scotty McCreery to Billy Bob’s Texas on Saturday, October 28, 2023.

 We offer a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards








Show Details
Scotty McCreery on The Main Stage | 10 PM

Halloween Costume Contest Judging on the Honky Tonk Stage | 8:45 PM

JD Myers on the Honky Tonk Stage | 8 PM.....(.*some promos have a different band listed !!)

Halloween Costume Contest Registration | 6 PM – 8 PM

Doors Open at 6 PM





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SHISTORY WITH BILLY otty McCreery joined Billy Bob’s “Wall of Fame” on February 16, 2014.





Scotty McCreery 


History with Billy Bobs


Scotty joined Billy Bob's ' WALL OF FAME  '    February 16th 2014





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Scotty posted on is IG story that he's at the World Series game.  I wondered how they got last minute tickets....then I saw there were a fair amount of empty seats.  Guess college football trumps MLB WS games on Saturday nights.

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Well , I don’t enjoy traveling with out Suzie , but she gave me her blessings to drive a few hours to Ft Worth to catch Spence perform with Scotty . Billy Bobs is one big place .
(Dan & Suzie Peppard were supposed to be in San Antonio last night but Suzie is not well ...so instead Dan is going to Billy Bobs)
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In Between ..



WSG - Angela 



We were sitting behind a family of giants, so the videos get worse later. Lol


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Sorry my eyes are closed , but I have never ever taken good pictures. Spence and I are standing in their beautiful bus.Spence gave me the royal treatment sat night at Billy Bobs Texas. He also gave me an all access pass that allowed me to go where ever I pleased with no questions asked . It was great to sit and visit with Nathan , Jeffrey , Joey, Justin and Spence . I even got to visit with Scotty about cute little Avery . He said he is starting to walk and doing very well it. After the concert I told all the guys they did a great job, then I gave Scotty a thumbs up as he was leaving , and he did the same to me . They all loaded up on this bus and off they went back to Nashville . Even though it was about midnight I decided not to grab a hotel room, instead I did what the band did , and drove through the night . Got home about 4:00 am and had agreat trip.
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