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What do you think about Team Niall? Who are the front runners of team Niall? Who will be the top 2 ? Can team Niall make it to the finale? Can team Niall win this year? Do you think Team Niall has more online support ,more views than the other teams?

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51 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

Front Runner at this point I probably Ryley. I don't see minivan (Core audience of this show - old age women) getting behind Gina.


I think Ryley will make the finale.

my fav is Ryley and i hope he wins

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9 hours ago, Stacey. said:

I love Gina from what I've seen so far!! I love Niall and really would love to see him win his first season! 

i have a feeling he could win. He is the son of Blake after all   🤣

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