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Found 6 results

  1. So the first official All Stars season of the Voice has begun in France. Voice France has always delivered in terms of talent so it will be an exciting to follow as we'll see top contestants from their history compete against each other. Coaches: Florent Pagny( Voice S1-S7 & S10, won S1, S5 & S10) Mika (Voice S3-S8, won S3 & S8) Jenifer (Voice S1-S4 & S8, Voice Kids S1-S7, won Kids S1 & S5) Zazie (Voice S4-S7, won S4 and S7) Patrick Fiori (Voice Kids S2-S7, won Kids S2,S4 & S7)
  2. Per @Someone648 on the spoilers thread, put your guesses for pre-taped songs for all of the S21 cast - some songs are known, but not all. Most are KO-based since those film the 11th and 12th, but other rounds are allowed since we don’t know every song choice.
  3. Instagram Twitter Youtube Facebook TikTok 1. David68 2 BK1234 3. disney1024 4. thevoicefan12 5. AmyNicole 6. mgiuda 7. BigMac454 8. Randompersonhere 9. Michelle M. Warren 9, Persy 10. Doug1935 11. sydneysam 12.QueenCami
  4. Figured I might as well give it a go with Hosting since I'm bored so why not redo this season! FORMAT: Blind Auditions: Just like how it was done on the show, no changes. Won't be posting auditions again, will be going straight to the Battles. Battles: Majority of the battle pairing stayed the same with the exception of a few that I changed. There will be 1 steal and 1 save. But there won't be a Wildcard Spot for the Saves....instead a TWIST! 12 artists will be eliminated in the Battles! Knockouts: *TWIST: So at this point, there is 7 artists per team, so this is where IDF will have power to VOTE ONE ARTIST PER TEAM through to the PLAYOFFS! They will be awarded a FAST PASS and move straight to the Playoffs knowing IDF has their back! As for the other 6 artists, they will be paired as per normal and go through normal Knockouts. Coaches will have 1 steal. 8 artists will be eliminated in the Battles! Playoffs: Each team will have 2 Public Votes + 1 Coach Save! There will also be a wildcard vote for the 13th spot! Eligible for the wildcard will be whoever got the most votes out of the 2 who weren't selected by the public or saved by the coach. 7 artists will be eliminated in the Battles! Top 13 --> Top 11 --> Top 10 --> Top 8 (Semi's) --> Top 4 (Finale) Here's a google spreadsheet to keep track of Contestants Progress! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nQlU4TJ0XrNkaQ5vQ2BZNaG5IxH-w7TEl5NBJm6-sA8/edit?usp=sharing Battles should be posted soon!
  5. Remember back in the day when we had that sub-forum named Redux Emporium? I miss it. I’ve decided to bring a redux back but not one that you might remember. The Greatest will pit twelve contestants against each other as they battle it out to win the crown and bragging rights as “The Greatest”. RULES - To sign up just post the name of the contestant you wish to play. Once all the spots are filled then I will announce the theme and you submit a song. - I also need two judges. The judges will receive the songs before the show and give their opinions on the performances. These comments will be posted in the main show. You might agree, you might not. - You cannot choose a song that the contestant sang on the show. It also used to be frowned upon to choose a song by an artist your contestant has previously performed. - Each week will have a different theme. The song you choose for your contestant must fit the theme. - Please have your songs in before the deadline. It helps everything else run more smoothly. I just give you a day but I won’t be giving you weeks. - Any Idol, Four or solo X Factor/Voice contestants are eligible to be chosen. - Please only sign up if you’re willing to participate throughout the entire redux. Don’t just vanish halfway through. It’s meant to be fun! THE HOST THE JUDGES 1. Jade Thirlwall @Zoey 2. Kimberly Caldwell @Elliott 3. David Archuleta @Bk1234 4. Delta Goodrem @*Chris CONTESTANTS 1. Joe Woolford (JC) 2. Leona Lewis (IAN27TAY) 3. Melissa O’Neil (Sola) 4. Mikayla Phillips (FunkieFrankie) 5. Noah Mac (thevoiceisthetop) 6. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon (rdhaley) 7. Kelly Clarkson (jarmon) 8. Jennifer Hudson (DorisAnn) 9. Vonzell Solomon (1234567890) 10. Allison Iraheta (Alex95) 11. Haley Reinhart (FrogLenzen) 12. Haley Scarnato (goofycilla90) SONGBOOK Final 12 Show & Results • Free choice Noah Mac - "Leave The Light On" by Tom Walker (acoustic) Leona Lewis - "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce Mikayla Phillips - "Homecoming Queen" by Kelsea Ballerini Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - "Sun" by Sleeping at Last Kelly Clarkson - "Rise Up" by Andra Day (Morrissette cover) Haley Reinhart - "I Got Trouble" by Christina Aguilera Joe Woolford – “Temporary Love” by Ben Platt Allison Iraheta - "Make Me Wanna Die" by The Pretty Reckless Jennifer Hudson - "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato Vonzell Solomon - "Love On Top" by Beyonce Haley Scarnato - "This Kiss" by Carly Rae Jepsen Melissa O’Neill - "She Used to Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles Final 11 • Movie week Noah Mac - ✓ Mikayla Phillips - Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Kelly Clarkson - ✓ Haley Reinhart - ✓ Joe Woolford – Allison Iraheta - Jennifer Hudson - Vonzell Solomon - Haley Scarnato - ✓ Melissa O’Neill - ✓ Final 10 • Theme Final 9 • Theme Final 8 • Theme Final 7 • Theme Final 6• Theme Final 5 • Theme
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