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January 27th Rialto Sq Theater ~ Joliet ~ IL


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Scotty McCreery

Rialto Square Theatre

Date:01/27/2023 8:00 PM 


Location: Rialto Square Theatre .Joliet ,IL 


Introduction:Scotty McCreery’s current album Same Truck contains his No. 1 RIAA Gold-certified singles “You Time” and “Damn Strait,” and his current single “It Matters to Her.” McCreery co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs on Same Truck.



35 SINGLE TICKETS scattered  around the  entire venue

+ very few resale tickets 




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Route 66 has always intrigued me. In 2009, Misti and I drove the route past the Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to play it, but I’m grateful for the opportunity today. Way to sell it out @scottymccreery. 👍 @elliottguitars 🎸





Spence posted some awesome photos inside this beautiful old theater . 


He also posted a video of a female singing ..have no idea if she is an opener tonight ..have seen nothing on any promos that 1 was included for tonight !!!


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The opener for last night was Caitie Offerman . The Rialto answered my question on their IG page.....✔️


I believe she has opened for Scotty before ...but they really should do a better job promoting /including openers in the promos.

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This is 1 good write up from last night 


QUOTE .......


While Scotty McCreery’s concert may not have had eccentric tactics like fire shooting out from the stage or confetti filling the two-level venue, he delivered something far better than a trick-filled production. His wholesome nature, idolized love stories and captivating songs was more than enough to make the crowd wish the night would never come to an end. 



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Quote from article /review above talks about the new opning ..the reason Joey moved . Scotty starts the show like he did many years ago ..center stage on a platform 



Following a brief intermission, the lights went down over the audience, revealing only a silhouette of McCreery and his guitar after he snuck in from the back curtain. An overwhelming feeling of anticipation soared throughout the entire room as he sang the opening verse to his 2018 fan-favorite, “In Between.” The energy suddenly shifted as the stage lit up and his five-piece band members joined in to speed things up at the top of the chorus. 






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