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What if S22's bottom 12 were our top 12?


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Just for fun, how do you think the lives would've gone (who do you think the Top 5/winner would be) if the bottom 12 artists from this season were the top 12? Would this season have been chaotically bad or would some of the teams have been better than the ones we ended up with?


Team Blake:

  1. Ansley Burns
  2. Benny Weag
  3. Hillary Torchiana


Team Camila:

  1. Constance Howard
  2. Sydney Kronmiller
  3. Ava Lynn Thuresson


Team Gwen:

  1. Jillian Jordyn
  2. Sadie Bass
  3. Tanner Howe


Team John:

  1. Nia Skyfer
  2. Kara McKee
  3. SolSong
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