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Best Blind Audition Of Season 7


Pick one  

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  1. 1. Best blind audition of S7

    • Anita Antoinette - turn your lights down low
    • Matt McAndrew - A thousand years
    • Taylor Phelan - Sweater Weather
    • Maiya Sykes - Stay with me
    • Luke Wade- that's how strong my love is
    • Mia Pffirman - Unconditionally
    • Chris Jamison - Gravity
    • Beth Spangler - Best thing I never had
    • Jonathan Wyndham - Say something
    • Blessing Offor - Just the two of us
    • Joe Kirk - Lego House
    • James David Carter - Nobody Knows
    • Craig Wayne Boyd - The whiskey ain't workin

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Thought I'd revive this project. Also, I forgot where I stopped.. Season seems to be the last one I did based on search results. But I thought I did season 8 too lol.


The poll options are based on view count and how often the contestant is mentioned on here.


If your pick isn't on the poll options, name drop them but don't vote, if that contestant is mentioned enough I will replace a poll option (let me know who)


I left 2 spots open.


Apologies in advance, I didn't follow the earlier Voice seasons as closely.




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