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Favorite Joshua Vacanti Performance


Favorite Joshua Vacanti Performance  

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  1. 1. Which performance is your favorite?

    • “Into The Unknown”
    • “good 4 u”
    • “Falling”
    • “You and I”
    • “You Will Be Found”
    • “The Show Must Go On”
    • “If I Ain’t Got You”
    • ”Hand In My Pocket”
    • “Ashes”
    • “My Heart Will Go On”

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I think Joshua is one of the most underrated contestants of Season 21. These are my top 5 favorite performances from him:


1. “Ashes” 

2. “Falling” 

3. “My Heart Will Go On” 

4. “You Will Be Found”

5. “The Show Must Go On”

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1-The Show Must Go On

2-You Will Be Found


4-If I Ain’t Got You


6-My Heart Will Go On

7-You and I

8-Hand In My Pocket

9-Into The Unlnown

10-Good 4 U


None of these were “bad” though. Some were just stronger than others. Overall quite a consistent run.

Not a snowflake of mine but I did quite enjoy him this past season and I’m interested to see where he goes now

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