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The Challenge: All-Stars 3


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Brad Fiorenza

Darrell Taylor

Derrick Kosinski

Jordan Wiseley

Laterrian Wallace

Mark Long

MJ Garrett

Nehemiah Clark

Syrus Yarbrough

Tyler Duckworth

Wes Bergmann

Yes Duffy



Cynthia Roberts

Jemmye Carroll

Jonna Mannion

Kailah Casillas

KellyAnne Judd

Kendal Darnell

Melinda Collins

Nia Moore

Roni Chance

Sylvia Elsrode

Tina Bridges

Veronica Portillo

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The first two episodes came out today and I really enjoyed them! Continuing to feel higher on All-Stars than the main show.


I'm very excited about this Wes vs. Yes rivalry and obviously I'm all in on #TeamYes. I wish Wes got thrown into that elimination, I wish Jordan & Yes didn't let Brad get his way. I'm beyond shocked to see Mark thrown in so early with his reputation. I thought he'd ride that all the way to the final again. Glad to see him having to fight for it, and I'm happy he won.


The women's side is obviously where I'm more invested. Great start for Veronica & Tina. Glad to see Veronica take control of the game already (and Jonna not giving a single shit about throwing Tina in against her friend ❤️). Glad to see Tina get an elimination win in there (though I was very sad to lose Cynthia so soon). KellyAnne was also hilarious with her meltdown at the puzzle :dead:. Looking forward to Kendal sabotaging a guy next week :giggle:

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Loved the first 2 episodes and yeah All Stars > The Main Show. I will forever be team Kellyanne & Kendal and it was a great first 2 episodes for them. Kellyanne needs to work on her puzzle skills though because that one didn't look particularly tough. :haha:

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Just watched the first two episodes - well one yesterday and the other today. They were really fun and enjoyable. 


Lots of big characters here which should make for a fun season.


- Tina continues to deliver and be such a hoot. Omgg I can't at the way she was politicking with Jonna with the threat she gave her on Episode 2. :dead: And she was so funny on the challenge with how she got DQ'd. :dead: Happy for her with how she pulled out the first win too.

- Curious to see more of this Wes vs. Yes rivalry. Lol Wes is always such a fun villain to me and I do look forward to whatever messiness he gets himself into. 

- KellyAnne was a real hilarious mess with that puzzle. :dead: Yeah that puzzle didn't look that hard but if she's that much of a mess with that puzzle, I worry for her in future puzzles. :haha: 

- The Jordan/Nia dynamic is interesting to me. I'm glad they're cool and really good with each other as they have had some real messy days in their Real World and early Challenge days seasons.

- Sylvia is proving to be a really strong competitor and am looking forward to her more than I thought I would have.

- Mark going in this early was surprising but not surprised he pulled out the win. He's such a crazy beast in these comps. I was touched by his backstory with his mother. 😢 Wishing her all the best with her cancer battle.

- Sad to see Melinda go so early but if she was having such ankle problems, she really shouldn't have come on this season to aggravative more. I hope she gets to come back fully recovered for S4.

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I am so madly in love with Yes :wub: :wub: :wub:. King has Wes & Nehemiah soooooo bothered, can't wait to see him effortlessly avoid elimination again and again ❤️. Wes has been melting down about Yes over social media all season long lmao. Wes can't believe that Yes is just a genuinely nice progressive guy. I'm really praying Yes lasts the whole season or I will have no interest in any guys. I guess Mark and MJ (though Jonna lol). Maaaaaaybe Darrell but he's been weirdly super invisible this season.


I like the Treehouse Alliance. However, mainly for the OGs in it so losing Tina sucks for a lot of reasons. I feel bad for Jemmye too, hope her dad is okay.


I'm enjoying the drama Kendal & Kellyanne are bringing, though they're absoutely being ridiculous. They're owed nothing just because they have families, sorry the other girls are outplaying you? I wouldn't mind seeing them stick around though since this is the most interesting Kellyanne's been since Ruins and Kendal's a f*cking mess.


I'm all in on Jonna this season though. She's found a new level of confidence, almost cockiness, since winning last season and it's very fun to watch. Her political game is insane and she's getting SCRAPPY this season. I fear her time avoiding eliminations will be up sooner or later, but I'm hopeful she'll pull off a win.


I read the cast spoilers when they came out and never followed up so I had no idea there was gonna be a replacement cast member 😮 😮. I'm sorta tempted to look it up now, but it might be fun to be surprised (though it'll probably be like Jodi or someone I don't care about lmao.

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Another fun and enjoyable episode this week!


- Aww I was sad to see the way that Tina and Jemmye had to go out. :( Tina was doing really well with those 2 elimination wins (even though she wasn't great in the main challenges), but I would have loved seeing more of her as it seems her heart is in it this season. Wishing and hoping all the best for Jemmye's father. She made the right decision to be by his side but still such a sad way to end your time on the show.

- Ah I do feel kinda bad that Kendal/Kellyanne are a twosome against most of the girls on the otherside. And seems like Kendal is burning allies. I feel for her (as I feel I would be indecisive in that role too). It would have been better for her to use her sabotage power on Jordan who did volunteer or one of the girls that were going to be against her.

- The Wes vs. Yes rivalry has been reallly fun and entertaining to watch. It's funny how worked up Wes over Yes, and I don't really get it? lol.

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BETH :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:. Omg I was so shocked to see her back because I thought she wasn't on because she refused to do it with Tina or Veronica. Maybe it was just Tina idk. But her joint confessional with Veronica was the obvious high point of a very weak episode.


But yeah, very weak episode. The daily was to solve literally one math problem. How is that good television? Making them do it high up doesn't help. The elimination was pretty lame too since it was mainly just whose bigger. Of course Jordan managed to break it because his endurance is insane, but 9 times out of 10 that'll come down to whoever's bigger.


I feel bad for Kendal, but she is just not cut out of this game at all. Her campaign to Jonna & MJ was painful to say the least. I'm glad Beth survived (especially based on the preview for next week <3333333333).


Darrell...oof. He looked bad this season. Quit the daily and got destroyed by Jordan in the elimination. He's definitely getting older and it's not pretty. I fear his winning days may be behind him. I'm bothered how TJ gave him no shit despite his embarrassing performance all episode. He was too busy throwing shade at Beth even though Darrell also refused to do the daily :rolleyes:

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OMG I died of laughter seeing Beth was the female replacement coming back. :dead: I was not expecting that. :haha: Lol I always love Beth and all the drama and entertainment she brings, so she was the perfect replacement, imo. :haha: I'm happy for her winning the elimination... and I look forward to this frenemy relationship with Veronica. 

Ah I've always been a big fan and rooted for Darrell but this was such a disappointing episode from him. :( With the DQ on the main challenge and then losing an elimination that should have been in his wheelhouse, it was a sad and disappointing way to see him go. :( But oooof his injury regarding his quads was really sad and heartbreaking to watch. Hopefully he'll get better soon. I have no doubt he will make come back next season for redemption. I would love to see him win one more time (specifically I was rooting for him & Janelle last season), but yeah age is definitely getting to him now and not sure of the likelihood of that happening now. 

Props to Jordan on that win and winning a challenge that seemed against him. He's always impressive in these eliminations. :yes: I am still speechless about his and Nia's dynamic. They reallly have come a long way, to say the least. :haha: But I like them better on these terms. Also :giggle: @ Wes not getting his way again. 

With the ladies elimination, it was such a conflicting feeling. I didn't want to see Beth go out so soon and just have 1 episode here so I'm glad she stayed. But I always enjoy Kendall as an underdog and she makes me root for her more each season, so I was sad to see her go. :( Sadly she had such a messy game socially and strategically.... and the odds were always against her. I appreciate how she always gave it her all. Sad for Kellyanne being alone but curious how she will play it now.  😮

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Hmmm I thought the twist change was interesting, with only the winners having safety for that week. 😮 I understand it's strategy, but it did feel kinda cheap to ~hand Mark the win on the guys side.


The elimination battles were intense especially as the pairs had beef with each other, in Jonna vs. Beth and Wes vs. Yes. 😮 It was sad seeing Beth quit during the challenge but I understood her frustration as Jonna was getting a lot of help while she wasn't. That does annoy me. I prefer it better when the contestants do these eliminations on their own without any help from the others. It seems more fair that way. Ah the Wes vs. Yes battle was really intense, and the battle we've been waiting for. Congrats to Wes on winning, though I'm sad to lose Yes in it. I've been really enjoying him on this season (and the first season too) so he'll be missed. :( He handled his loss with such class too. And it was a good fun 2 episode arc from Beth. I would have loved to have seen more from her but I'm also happy that Jonna won the battle too.

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Yes & Beth leaving in the same episode has killed my interest in the season pretty spectacularly.


On the men’s side I guess I’m rooting for Mark? Yikes. The girls side still has Jonna, KellyAnne, Roni, and Veronica at least, all of whom I’m rooting for.

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9 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Also #TeamBeth with her allegations :ph34rwave: Jonna & MJ are a bit too close tbh…

It is a little weird that they are that close but she still probably just pulled it out of her a*ss. But at least it added something to a boring episode.

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Ah yeah I did think Beth was a bit much with her allegations. 🙈 But it did bring a lot of fun drama.... and made me take notice of Jonna's and MJ's closeness this past episode. I'm sure they haven't crossed any lines, or so I hope not.

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Oooh wow a kinda crazy episode it was - especially on the women side! 

Well done to KellyAnn on winning the daily challenge! 😄 I was happy for her as she has been unfairly targeted by The Treehouse (though moreso Kendal was, but KA was right there).  

And wow Sylvia.... she used her grendae on Jonna rather than KellyAnne, as she thought KA was bundle under pressure. I understand that strategy but wow it realllly went to bite her in the butt. LOL then that whole strategy talk between them was awkwardly hilarious. :dead: And then wow, Sylvia chooses Nia and then Nia smoked her in that elimination challenge? THAT WAS A MAJOR shock! :shock::omg: I'm happy for Nia as I do want to see her do well. But wow it's crazy seeing someone go from such a power position to eliminated within 2 episodes. :omg: I do feel kinda bad for all of this catching up to Sylvia, as I do like her and the backstory with her stepson made me want to root for her. But I didn't like some of her treatment towards KellyAnne. I just wish Kailah could have gone out in Sylvia's place as she's quite annoying, lol. :closedeyes: But at least this brings more power to the non Treehouse and lessens The Treehouse's power a bit. So should make things a bit more  interesting on the girls side. 

I don't have as much to say on the guys side. Brad continues to be very dominant in these challenges and well done to him on another win. No surprises that he chose MJ for the elimination. I was kinda hoping for him to make a comeback in the elimination against Derrick, but I was also okay with Derrick winning. He was a bit immature with his win but it's too be expected. :haha: I do love how MJ kept trucking along and really gave it his all with being so targeted and having to deal with an injury. He did really well all things considered, though I'm sad Jonna can't work with him now but I'm sure she'll still thrive for him. 

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Fell way behind but caught up on this the past few days. As per usual, The Challenge kinda lost me in the second half of the season. This is probably my least favorite of the three All-Stars seasons yet, but I still prefer it to the last three regular Challenge seasons combined lol.


I'm fine with any of the women winning besides Kailah. I don't mind Kailah, but she'd just be boring. I wasn't sure about Nia early on, but her redemption arc has been amazing to watch and I'm so happy to see how much she's matured. I'm rooting for KellyAnne & Jonna a little more though. This is the funnest KellyAnne has been since The Ruins! She's been a joy to watch this season. And Jonna's been such a f*cking badass this season, especially with her confidence from winning last season. If she won again...iconic.


Meanwhile on the men's side I'm pretty much only rooting for Mark lol. I didn't like him back in the day, but I've been enjoying him on All-Stars. Credit to Wes, Brad, and Nehemiah, their alliance really ran the game on the men's side so I can't really be mad about them winning. But I'm way too firmly #TeamYes to allow them to get their way :kissbye:.

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I've been watching but forgot to post some thoughts throughout the weeks.



It was such a shame the way Veronica had to go out. After winning the main challenge that week and then forgot a few steps while walking and causing an injury like that. Ugh. :/ Hope to see her again next season. She was the main one of the Treehouse I was hoping to make the final. :( 


Oh wow that Derrick vs. Nehemiah battle was insane. 😮 I loved how Nehemiah really showed up to fight and won that battle after Derrick really underestimated him. Great win from him and got me intrigued for him in the final.


I do agree with Alex for the most part, especially on the girls side. I don't really care for Kailah and she would be the major disappointment winner on the women's side. I've been really enjoying Jonna's, Kellyanne's and Nia's runs this season so I would be pleased and happy with any of them winning. I am rooting for them all in different ways, all of which Alex summed up well.


For the guys, I would be fine with any of them winning. I think right now, I'm least invested in a Brad win but would be okay with it. Not really sure who I would prefer to win between Wes and Nehemiah. Nehemiah's game has been so lowkey until the last episode. Wes has been an interesting watch but not necessarily a rootable watch. So I guess I would be most rooting for Mark to win? I've been enjoying him the most throughout the season + how he's playing this for his mother.

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This was one of their fairest finals in a long time. I think the points system was well-done and I like that it led to a final elimination. It kiiiiiinda just came down to an eating challenge which I wasn't crazy about, but there was also the puzzle, the blocks, and the swimming so I suppose there was enough parts.


Anyways, I'm happy with the results. Thrilled for Jonna! She's truly the Queen of All-Stars :wub: :wub: :wub:. I didn't like Wes this season, but I'm glad he got another win (and I was happy to see him beat Brad & Nehemiah, that's what they get for letting Wes get to the final :kissbye:)

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Well I finished the episode and I'm fine with the result. I got nothing against either of the winners and they were the top point getters during the first day and killed it the second day as so they definitely earned it. I wish Kelly Anne would have done better but she is clearly not great at puzzles or crosswords so it is what it is I guess.  I wonder how good she would have done at the eating challenge. Probably not as good as Jonna so it likely wouldn't have mattered I am guessing. I was really fine with anyone winning but Kailah so Jonna winning is perfectly fine. Winning 2 seasons in a row is super impressive so congrats to her on that. For the men whoever won won and Wes did that in pretty convincing fashion so enjoy that Lamborghini I guess.

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I did really enjoy this finale and thought it was entertaining to watch and really challenging on the Challengers as it should be.

I was bummed to see KellyAnne and Mark lose out to Kailah and Brad on the country name puzzle. I was rooting for them to make it through that so of course they lost. :dead: I was especially rooting for Mark out of the guys, but oh well, maybe next time. Then I also mostly wanted KellyAnne to beat Kailah (cause phew she came too close for my liking to winning lmao) so I could have been smooth sailing rooting for any of the other 3 women but nope. :haha:

But it was really intense between the Final 3. Wow that eating challenge was nasty and tough to watch but yeah it's always interesting seeing how the challengers take on that. :haha:

Of the guys, I'm fine with Wes winning. I wasn't necessairly rooting for him to win this season, but I like him in general and think he can be a fun villain. I was really impressed with him on this second part of the episode and yeah I thought he deserved his win. :yes: I feel like it's been awhile since he's won a challenge so well done to him proving he's still got it. 

However, of the women, while I did say I was rooting for all of Jonna, Nia and/or KellyAnne to win, this episode I did gravitate and really rooted hard for Jonna to win. I realized I should have been rooting for her more throughout the season but oh well. I am sooo happy she pulled out the win! :spaz: I followed her since her original Real World season and liked her there, then followed her seasons of The Challenge she's been in. She's really grown so much as an amazing and powerful competitor here. Her first win was impressive, but this win might have been even more impressive. She was viewed as a big target all season long, won the challenges and eliminations she needed and was still strong without her #1 ally. She slayed the final and I couldn't be prouder of her. Being the first mother to win back-to-back seasons.... incredible! :clap: 

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