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Awards, Accolades, and Other Achievements of Former Voice Contestants


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So I mentioned this idea in the Quick News of former contestants thread and though it would be an interesting thing to make for anyone who wants to collaborate on to do so. And I'd love input from everybody on what we feel should be included/excluded.


This thread would just be to compile important awards, stats, or whatever else the former contestants have achieved. It'd be a good place to redirect those who say former contestants don't ever do anything, or keep people in the loop! Pretty much like an encyclopedia I guess?


I'm not active in fanthreads really but I assume a lot of people in charge of fanthreads have a good idea of things to include.


I'll compile everything on the OP like I do with the spoiler thread.


What I Think Would Be Appropriate to Include:

-Awards and Nominations from major shows (Grammys, Billboard, Dove, CMAs, etc. - if there's too many we can just redirect to Wikipedia)

-Major chart successes or record breaking stats (Contestants like Morgan Wallen, Foushee, etc.)

-Major appearances/official casting in other major shows - scripted or reality (Vicci Martinez on Orange is the New Black, Raquel Castro in Empire, reference to all international Voice franchise appearances, etc.)

-Also potentially considering major songwriting credits (Jordan Smith for Celine Dion, Nicolle Galyon for Miranda Lambert, etc.)

-Major tour spots (Moriah Formica's PLUSH opening for Halestorm and Evanescence


What I Think Won't Be Included/could stay on the Quick News page

-Personal Life News (Wedding, Baby, etc.)

-New song/album releases

-New shows


I know some contestants have a toooon of credits/nominations/etc., so I do intend on summarizing and trimming where necessary and linking to their Wikipedia page or wherever to their awards/nominations where relevant. Don't want it to look super clunky.



Something like:

Season _:

Contestant Name (placement on season)

-Nominated for 4 Grammy Awards for _________ and 2 American Music Awards for ____________, etc. [link to Wikipedia]

-Debut Album _________ reached #1 on the Billboard Country Charts

-Songwriting credits for Mariah Carey, James Taylor, and Kanye West [link to Wikipedia]



Open to suggestions! This is still a rough idea but it could be something fun for everyone to work on :haha:

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2 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

don't be too hard on yourself! you've been hard at work getting spoilers, especially with the pretty much nonexistent break between season 22 and season 23 /gen

I still think this thread is a good idea but it's definitely gotta be a community event :haha:

We'll see who sticks around during the gap between S22 and S23. Would be a great time killer.

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