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What genres of music get the most voted and which ones get the least


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Country is Minivan's priority.


As for the least, I'd say swing/jazz, probably. How many crooners have made it far on the show? Yep. Same.


Genres like pop, R&B, rock, indie, soul or folk depend on the person who's singing it. If Minivan likes the person, then the genre will have its success in that contestant. It varies.

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Checking out the finalists of the last 11 seasons 


Season 11: Country/Soul, Pop/Soul, R&B/Soul, Country 

Season 12: R&B/Soul, Country, R&B/Pop, Folk-Rock 

Season 13: Rock, Indie-Folk, Pop/Soul, Country 

Season 14: Pop, Folk-Rock, R&B/Soul, Country 

Season 15: Country, Country-Rock, Country, Pop 

Season 16: I honestly don't know how to classify Maelyn, maybe Indie-Pop?, Oh, and Country X3 

Season 17: Country, Folk-Rock, R&B/Soul, R&B/Soul 

Season 18: Soul/Country/Gospel, R&B/Soul, Alt-Folk, R&B/Soul, Alt-Rock 

Season 19: Pop, Country-Rock, Country-Folk, R&B/Soul, Jazz/Soul 

Season 20: R&B/Soul, Country, Country-Rock/Alt-Rock, Indie Folk, R&B/Soul 

Season 21: Folk, R&B/Soul, R&B/Soul, Pop, R&B/Soul/Gospel 


Basing it only on this list, Country is clearly popular with the audience (Shocking 🤯), R&B/Soul singers are also liked to some extent, Folk and Rock adjacent singers also have their share of fans (But still, Classic Rock singers hardly get far), Pop singers are not really that much liked unless they are teenagers. Indie sub-genres like Indie-Pop And indie-Rock are not that much succesful either. And for other genres like Jazz, Blues, etc, they get almost no success on this show. (And Metal is basically non-existent)



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