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Predict the airing of KOs per episode


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Alright, why not?



J: Samuel vs Brittany (Kelly steal, Ariana tried)

A: Raquel vs Katie

K: Gymani vs Kinsey

B: Wendy vs Jonathan

J: Joshua vs Sabrina

K: GNT vs Holly (Ariana steals, John tried)


Ep 2:

A: Bella vs Katherine

B: Peedy vs Berritt

J: Jershika vs Paris (Blake steal)


Ep 3:

B: LiBianca vs Hailey G

K: Jeremy vs Xavier

A: Jim and Sasha vs Manny

J: Shadale vs Samara

B: Lana vs Carson

K: Hailey vs TCS

A: Ryleigh vs David (John steal)


Not signaling who I think is the montage because I really have no clue. Just a possible order.

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