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As a whole, how would you rank the battles (so far) in S21 compared to S18, S19, and S20?


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After rewatching the battles so far, I've really really been loving them compared to the previous seasons. How would you rank the last few seasons' battles? Bonus points for listing out your most memorable performances.


1. S21- Standout battles: KATIE VS. BELLA🤩, GNT vs. Kinsey, David vs. Chavon, Hailey vs. Lana, XAVIER VS. CAROLINA😭😭💔🤬🥵😫(Still FURIOUS this got montaged)

2. S19- Standout battles: Payge vs. Lauren, WTW vs. Taryn, John vs. Julia, Larriah vs. Carter, Casme vs. Rio

3. S20- Standout battles: Ryleigh vs. Gean, Zania vs. Durrell

4. S18- Standout battles: literally none, I guess Allegra vs. Michael was my favorite??



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1. Season 21 (possibly my favorite season for Battles now. Many great ones after one week). Standouts: GNT vs Kinsey, Katie vs Bella, Brittany vs Samara, Jeremy vs Jershika

2. Season 18 (many solid battles as well). Standouts: Allegra vs Michael, Thunderstorm vs Cedrice, Joei vs TMH, Todd vs Jon, Roderick vs Joanna

3. Season 19 (some good battles here, but not as many as S18). Standouts: Marisa vs Ryan, John vs Julia, Cami vs James, Payge vs Lauren

4. Season 20 (the good battles weren’t as good as the best battles in other seasons). Standouts: Ryleigh vs Gean, Corey vs Savannah, Rachel vs Bradley

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S21 Standouts: Katie vs Bella, Jeremy vs. Jershika, TCS vs. Parker, Samara vs. Brittany, Jack vs. Sabrina


S20 Standouts: Ryleigh vs. Gean, Bradley vs. Ryleigh, Carolina vs. Rio


S19 Standouts: Lauren vs. Payge, Larriah vs. Carter, Desz vs. Joseph, Casme vs. Rio, Cami vs. James


S18 Standouts (honestly don't remember the last time i watched anything from that season lol): Megan vs. Samantha, Allegra vs. Michael, Joanna vs. Roderick, Todd vs. Joei


anyways S21 Battles>>>> 

cant wait to see the knockouts too

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