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Bobby Bones Or Kris Allen For American Idol Mentor


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So the other day someone came up with a mentor who would be better for American Idol than Bobby Bones since so many people I found out really don't like Bobby Bones. I didn't think of Kris Allen as a better option for an American Idol mentor until someone suggested it the other day. I think Kris Allen would definitely be better as an American Idol mentor than Bobby Bones. I was curious to see how many other people would agree with this idea or if they had anyone else in mind that can do a better job as an American Idol mentor than Bobby Bones.

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19 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

Well obviously a plank of wood that talks would be better than Bobby Bones, but... :/ 


Kris Allen all the way. He would do such a great job. My fan bias aside of course. ;) 


season 15 idol finale GIF by American Idol

I don't see bias. He's a very likable guy and talented singer. So I agree that he should be a mentor on American Idol in the future.

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