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The Great American Idol Debate


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The Great American Idol Debate



The purpose of this thread is to have two posters debate on an American Idol related topic, whether it’s about a contestant, judge, or an event that occurred, just to name a few examples. From there, the public will vote on who had the better argument.



I would like to have a minimum of four debaters, though I am aiming for six. I’m still deciding whether or not to have applications or make it a first-come first-serve basis.


What I’m looking for in a debater:

  • Should be a fairly active poster
  • Is able to write a minimum of 250 words per argument
  • Able to submit said argument within a certain time frame (usually a week)


Rules For Debaters:

  • I will post a topic and debaters will have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to participate in said topic. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first two debaters to post their interest will debate on the topic. Debaters will have 24 hours to decide whether or not they want to debate on the topic.
  • A debater has to submit his/her argument within the time given unless an extension is requested. Only one extension per debate will be granted. If an argument cannot be submitted within the given time frame or extension for whatever reason, it is up to the debater to inform me ahead of time and another debater will have the opportunity to replace the original debater.
  • The arguments cannot have any profanity whatsoever. Also, personal attacks and insults, whether they’re against other debaters or contestants are strictly prohibited. This is meant to be fun, so let’s try to keep it as clean and respectful as possible.
  • The debater who receives the most votes will have the opportunity to pick the next topic up for debate.
  • Any rule that is broken will result in a strike for the debater. Three strikes and the poster will no longer be a debater and someone else will have the opportunity to replace said poster as a debater. The one exception is if anyone breaks the personal attack rule, which will result in instant removal.



As mentioned, the public will vote on whoever has the most convincing argument. I ask that the votes are based on which debater argued their side better rather than which side the voters preferred. For example, if a voter is anti-Sanjaya, but the debater who was pro-Sanjaya had the better argument, I ask that the voter votes for the pro-Sanjaya side. As of right now, there will be two voting methods (other methods may be eventually added):


  • Online Survey (I will create a survey and provide a link to it)
  • IDF Private Messaging (PM)


Voting Rules:

  • Both methods can be used; however, only one vote per method will count per poster. Any more than that will result in all of the votes from the poster discarded.
  • Voters will have 24 hours to vote. Any vote submitted after the deadline will not count.
  • Debaters are not allowed to vote in debates they took part in. Non-active debaters, however, will be allowed to vote.


Those should be the basics. Anything else that comes to mind will be added later. This is my first time hosting something like this, so it may be a little rough in the beginning as I'm still trying to think of ideas as to how I want to run this thing. I'll be more than happy to receive any input on how to make this better. With that said, hopefully this will be something others will enjoy and take part of.



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