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American Idol Merch Store!


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Hi guys!


So yeah... If you go on AI's YouTube they have an official store... Nothing featuring this years or the past alumni though! BUT WAIT...



THEY HAD A DAMN BOBBY BONES AND A SEACREST SHIRT. (The Ryan shirt is still available...)


Like WTF?! Not even a shirt for the winner/runner-up??? Nothing? lol :/ 



This shirt is cute though! IMO  :wub:



American Idol= WE FAIL AT SELLING STUFF. lol   🤦‍♀️


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Bumping for no reason. lol


I am curious who AI hires to handle promo/merch stuff... They've hand their hands in so many pies at once that they always end up failing... 🙄


AI was once so big that they had their own fan magazine and trading cards for crying out loud!


They don't have the same selling point, but as someone who loves collecting merch and stuff from my fave Idol alumni? It's just insane at this point how NO ONE knows how to hawk a simple t-shirt or "Vote for Me!" button/pin on this show... :( 


Oh and since this store was found just yesterday I have no idea if the judge's had t-shirts as well... lol :/ 

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