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The Warning ⚠️


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The 1st single from the new album is May 21st❗
And so now today here it is❗
Listen & Enjoy


EVOLVE, the 2nd single from the 3rd album coming in 2021 


MAYDAY, the new 6-Song EP
October 8th, 2021


You can read all about The Warning HERE.
Their web site is HERE
And their YT Channel is HERE.

The Warning Merch

Please support the band and become a Patron of The Warning ⚠ by clicking HERE


This is what first put the band on the map from July 2014

And this is a concert from March 2020

Fan List:




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“We’re three sisters from Monterrey, México. We love music.”

It all started back in 2005 when Daniela was five and Paulina was three years old and had their first experience with music when attending a summer camp with music and theatre activities. They liked it very much and started attending regularly to music and drama classes and about a year later they both enrolled in piano lessons. They listened from children’s songs and lullabies to straight up rock and roll AC/DC and new stuff like Muse.

Fast forward a couple years later in 2007 when Daniela turned 8 and Paulina 6 and the most popular video game in the world was ROCK BAND. This was a huge influence on which instruments the girls would start playing next. Daniela, since she always grabbed the toy guitar used on the video game, thought it would be a great idea to take on the strings without quitting her piano lessons. Paulina felt it was a total injustice that her older sister could start playing another instrument and she wasn’t. Again, thanks to ROCK BAND, her parents noticed she had a great sense of rhythm and coordination, so they enrolled her in drum lessons where she could play on a real drum set.

Alejandra, being the youngest, had a whole different approach to music. She had to wait until she was five years old to enroll in piano and music lessons. Being raised in a house full of music and the role models that her older sisters came to be for her always kept her motivated to take a leap into music properly. It took her a lot of music-video-binging for her to realize she wanted to try out bass guitar, because she really loved the sound it made.

“Many people assume our parents are musicians, but they are not. They just share with us our love and passion for music.”

The girls never planned to form a band, especially since Alejandra was really small (in age and size, still plays a smaller scale bass). The girls just liked playing music. It was a Christmas Holiday’s school festival where Daniela and Paulina decided to play together a song that they had been working on separately. Of course, they needed a bass guitar to complete the power trio and thought it would be a great idea to have Alejandra play with them regardless of her being smaller. The girls played even better than they expected and Alejandra could handle the bass lines as if she had been playing for years.

They satisfaction and enjoyment of that first musical experience on stage was so big that they started practicing more songs together, setting higher goals for each on their instrument, goals that they saw and heard in music from the rock and roll bands they loved listening to.

They started videotaping those rehearsals and uploading them to their YouTube channel, where they had a few followers and with time started gaining more. But it wasn’t until they uploaded a cover for the song “Enter Sandman” by the band Metallica. This one broke the internet.

In just a few days it went viral and millions of people from all around the world became hardcore fans of THE WARNING, setting of a series of events that would kick the girls into the musical scene in a way nobody expected.

In January 2015 they recorded their first EP with songs written and performed by them. Playing and experimenting through different styles and genres they found that hard rock and metal was the kind of music they loved playing.

By this time, the sisters had a dream: attending a five-week summer course at Berklee College of Music. They created a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money they needed to go attend the summer course. The Ellen DeGeneres Show found the girl’s viral video online and invited them to appear in the show for an interview and performance. Thanks to the huge support that Ellen showed to the girls and the significant fan base they had gained in their social media, they raised the money to attend to Berklee, where the talk show also followed and documented the girl’s experience during their summer course for EllenTube.

Inspired by THE WARNING’s achievements by this time, the American video game developers Harmonix Music Systems were aware that their Rock Band video game had been the catalyst for this online phenomena, so they reached out to the girls, invited them to visit their facilities and included their single Free Falling in the latest version of the game, Rock Band 4.

FUN FACT: During their visit at Harmonix they were asked by the developers to play their own song on the new Rock Band 4 console.

By this time they started receiving offers to play in different venues around the U.S.A. and México. These are a few of their shows up to 2017:

• Musak Festival (California, USA)
• Pal Norte Festival (Monterrey, MX)
• Gibson Guitars Showcase (Beverly Hills, USA)
• House Of Blues (Anaheim, USA)
• SXSW Music Fest 2015 (Austin, USA)
• TEDx Talks 2016 (Reno, USA)
• Hard Rock Café (Boston, USA)
• Sunshine Festival (Texas, USA)
• SXSW Music Fest 2016 (Austin, USA)
• Café Iguana (Monterrey, MX)
• Nirvana Rock Joint (Monterrey, MX)
• TEDx Talks 2017 (Reno, USA)

During the time of these shows and different stages they started the songwriting process for their first LP. During 2016 they worked in the recordings, editing and mixing of 13 songs written by them and included in their first studio LP: XXI CENTURY BLOOD.

XXI CENTURY BLOOD was followed by Queen of the Murder Scene released in 2018.

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Makes me smile to see my favorite new band on here!


Thanks Drew.


Been following this band for a few years, right about the time the first full studio album dropped, 21 Century Blood.  All originals, all written, composed and produced by the girls.  Of notable importance, it was fan funded with a Go fund me drive.  Second album dropped about a year later, Queen of the Murder scene.  Again fully conceived, written and produced by the band.  It is special because it is a concept album.  Tells a story from beginning to end.  It was also fully fan funded with a Kickstarter campaign.  With Kickstarter, you receive rewards / services with your donation.  They gave away singed copies of CDs, posters etc.  Also guitars drum heads and the like.  They also offered private two hours shows in the US and Mexico.  Both US shows sold, one was a group buy where tickets were offered by the guy who bought that particular reward.  It was held at the Whiskey a go go  in LA last year. By all accounts, it rocked!

They did their full show, but closed with a fan favorite of another Metallica cover they did earlier.  What strikes me is the ENERGY they put in after a two hour set of their own music, clearly exhausted, to still be able to pull this off!




Truly gifted hard working group of young rockers.  I've saw them live recently and will attend a show in April during the North American tour.  They are spectacular in person.  If you love rock, you really should try to hit one near you.


Record three is in the works.  A Kickstarter was just launched to fund it.  I feel it is a worthy thing to support independent artists, especially ones independent by choice!


Don't want to violate any forum rules, not sure if it's OK to drop a link to their current fundraiser.  Worth looking in to if you like to support up and coming artists though.

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You are SO lucky to have seen them live.  I am considering going to Vancouver to see them, Apr. 6th.

Dan, so you will understand... I noticed the video link you put in did not embed, seems odd & I thought I'd try it & see what happens

Ok, so why didn't it embed in your post 🤔

As you say, to do this after  the gig as an encore. WOW❗  They must eat well & healthily.

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There hasn't been anything this good or pure since the 60s or 70s. Their music is SO damn good, the players are so damn good, the band as a group is so damn good❗ Not sure I can resist going to Vancouver to hear them... it's closer & sooner than Toronto. It's nice that the mix & audio quality in this video is a rare, refreshing bit of quality, sounds great❗👍👍😀   Blows my mind they are going to do the tour with a van & driving from city to city, geeesh...

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No idea why my video links aren't embedding.


EDIT: Figured it out.  I was using the URL link in the bar on top.  If I just paste the YouTube lint to the body of the message, it auto embeds.

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OK, now, it worked.  Arrr, why, ok, now??? 

Copy/paste one of yours & nothing...

But, if I take one of yours directly from YT, myself, it does work.  I think, maybe, you need to wait a moment after putting the link in for it to 'morph' into the, actual, video.

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Ah, well, good you have it sorted, now 👍👍

Just was listening to more concerts & some interviews. Even, speaking belies their age.  So mature & well-spoken, even, with good grammar.

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Good audio, turn it up & enjoy, nice close-up work & funky split screen, too... Here we go❗👍👍

Tour tickets are available through Ticket Master or for some from the particular venue 🎟

This is from January 2020.  Sure are sounding & looking good❗


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Life got you down?  Feeling beat up?  Broken?  Remember, it could always be worse, you could be Pau's snare drum!!!


Dany was on fire, Ale's bass like a rock.  She has come so far.  From a tiny kid with a short scale Fender that was bigger than her, couldn't reach the controls when was rocking an 8X10 SVT.  Deceptively complex lines, somewhere between solid Duck Dunn grooving and up front Geddy Lee.  Love it.  


This band is probably going to take off after this NA tour.  Can't wait for album 3.  Fun to watch this happen.  

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24 minutes ago, DuckDan said:

Life got you down?  Feeling beat up?  Broken?  Remember, it could always be worse, you could be Pau's snare drum!!!

I have seen a lot of similar comments, but, this has to be the funniest one, yet 🤣

Yes, if one really listens to the details of the playing of each of the 3, there is, indeed, complexity.  The caliber of musicianship is SO high❗  It's interesting that Ale once  cited Paul McCartney and Pau named Neil Peart as the kind of shoes they want to fill.

I have the same thought about (Global) impact  following the Tour.  

And, yes, bring on #3 😁

And, WOW, listening 🎧 to this concert sure was fun❗👍👍

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