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  1. Don't know if you're on Facebook Drew, but last night's show in Texas was live streamed. Most of them are. There are several The Warning FB pages, but the most active in regards to live streaming is "The Warning USA". What I could catch of the show was typically awesome! I'm sure there will be YouTube posts of the show, but it's cool to see it live, even if not actually there.
  2. Ale's voice is darker than her sisters. Love it. Her vocal skills are more developed than Dany was at 15 years old in my opinion., To be fair though, Ale has grown up in this environment. Dany had to start from nothing leading the way and she is really becoming a powerhouse vocalist. Crimson Queen shows her range and power nicely. Perfect rock voice. Not a screemer like Lzzy Hale, just yet, but the power and emotion are definitely there. Ale is going to be there too I think, but with a darker edge. Pau's voice is somthign else entirely. She has the dramatic, almost Broadway show, thing happening to my ear. The three of them can cover any sonic territory.
  3. Playing your own song on Rock Band 4!
  4. Saw part of the live stream during the show. Caught Ali singing Red Hands. Looked pretty good. Between work and a home project, haven't had time for this one yet. Maybe today!
  5. An older interview, but fantastic and a great way to get to know them. Keep in mind that English is their second language.
  6. July 23, 24 and 25. PA, MI and WI. PA is within driving distance. Hmmm...
  7. I used an app like that to grab a few of Danielle Bradbury's YT videos a while back. Works well, still have them in my library. in fact, Shot of Whiskey came up the other day while at the gym. May go for it here too. Would still like to have a mastered download of that session to buy too.
  8. Wish they would make this acoustic session available for download.
  9. Dany goofing around in the basement studio.
  10. A rare Ali taking lead vox. She Does well for being the "shy one" Acoustic version of the same song, just posted.
  11. Road trip! I'm driving to the Brooklyn show, but it's only 3 hours for me. The video you posted is a sound check from the Jan 2020 Whiskey a go go. Upper tier Patrons get to attend sound checks.
  12. Closer, maybe better sound and not cut off at the last song.
  13. Life got you down? Feeling beat up? Broken? Remember, it could always be worse, you could be Pau's snare drum!!! Dany was on fire, Ale's bass like a rock. She has come so far. From a tiny kid with a short scale Fender that was bigger than her, couldn't reach the controls when was rocking an 8X10 SVT. Deceptively complex lines, somewhere between solid Duck Dunn grooving and up front Geddy Lee. Love it. This band is probably going to take off after this NA tour. Can't wait for album 3. Fun to watch this happen.
  14. Brand new. Live 2/8/20 Dogma Saltillo. Just premiered, watching it now.
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