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  1. Still on loan from a state side fan and supporter. Her custom is not done yet, at least that we know of. Also notice her new pedal board. Word is some bass effects will be incorporated on the new record. She has used a pretty straightforward signal path until (future) now. I was nice to watch her in this event not have to tune between songs. Narcisista is in drop C#. She just moved to the B string, no drop tuning required!
  2. Not really The Warning content, but Pau is kicking butt here. I love the technology that makes this possible,
  3. Nicely done on the RS video. I hadn't realized how much Ale had to tune down for Narcisita until the transcription was posted on Patron with the tuning. You can see her doing it in this video after Dull Knives. With lots of practice, no problem, but still it's a C#, F#, B, E. She plays very close to the bridge and no wonder, the stings are really loose with this tuning. Imaging doing that live and under pressure.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L5R4ErAPpk&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0qhqZ7EeYAHiWq1CKLbeDE2yJc_z3Q69oIMQpwTz8WRpCrBuzqEeLUCXk
  5. This one was for sale on Rick Toone's site...
  6. Waiting to hear the dates. Hoping they are able to keep the same venues or at least the same cities.
  7. Caught the first part, but then I was called off for work just after XX1CB... Have to catch the replay. Yes, the band is awesome for doing these things. At one point early in the stream they mentioned between the two platforms, YouTube and Facebook, that there were 5000 people logged in. I can normally keep up with the live comments part of the screen, but they were going too fast today because so many people were typing!
  8. That's ridiculous! These three have the world if they want it.
  9. No doubt the show go on. Maybe far enough out to have some album 3 music premiering
  10. It is a bummer. Truth be told, if The Warning hadn't taken this step, most of the venues likely would have cancelled anyway. There is an all Patrion live chat scheduled for some time this weekend. It's a bit out of hand. Compared to H1N1 and a few other recent pandemics, this is pretty insignificant. I don't mean to downplay it. I personally take these things seriously, but I always do, not just when it's an outbreak of some kind. I am in and out of medical facilities daily for my work. Minimizing risk and exposure is part of my daily routine. I get the limiting exposure policy, but if we are in a panic over this why aren't we in the same panic EVERY flu season where 30,000 people die each year in the US alone???? H1N1 had 61M infected with 12K deaths in the US. 575K deaths worldwide from H1N1... So far this thing is comparatively nothing at all. Unless this is about to get much worse and we haven't been told the whole story, this is being way over hyped. I truly understand and fully support The Warning's decision here, but I just wonder if it and every other cancellation, (the freaking NHL is out?!?!), is based on good information.
  11. I hear ya. It's really something otherworldly to have one child with this gift, but all three? I discovered XX1CB before the EP, but I bought the EP pretty much as soon as I knew it was out there. I've read a few times the EP was basically a homework assignment given to hem by their music teacher at the time. Each had to write, compose record a song(s). This was apparently before the Enter Sandman thing and the EP was never intended to be released. Elvin W can confirm or crush that scuttlebutt, pretty sure he's been with them for a long time. So, err, I guess you like the Billie Eilish cover? I had never heard of her until Dany covered that song. I looked her up and listened to a live version by Billie. Not may bag, but she is good in her genre, can't deny talent even if the music is not particularly to MY liking. There are many covers of that particular song on YouTube, not one, not even the original can come close to conveying the emotion Dany does here.
  12. Whoever shot this was in a great spot! One of my favorite The Waring songs!
  13. Lots of change ups in this one. If there is going to be a guitar bomb during the show, it seems this is the song where it will happen. Hey, all part of the live experience! Happens to everyone who plays live and this would be a hard song to pull off live. Posting this because they pretty much nailed it this time!
  14. October 2019 show celebrating Day of the Dead with costumes.
  15. Posted as a TBT! Old video from 2015, but newly posted.
  16. Don't know if you're on Facebook Drew, but last night's show in Texas was live streamed. Most of them are. There are several The Warning FB pages, but the most active in regards to live streaming is "The Warning USA". What I could catch of the show was typically awesome! I'm sure there will be YouTube posts of the show, but it's cool to see it live, even if not actually there.
  17. Ale's voice is darker than her sisters. Love it. Her vocal skills are more developed than Dany was at 15 years old in my opinion., To be fair though, Ale has grown up in this environment. Dany had to start from nothing leading the way and she is really becoming a powerhouse vocalist. Crimson Queen shows her range and power nicely. Perfect rock voice. Not a screemer like Lzzy Hale, just yet, but the power and emotion are definitely there. Ale is going to be there too I think, but with a darker edge. Pau's voice is somthign else entirely. She has the dramatic, almost Broadway show, thing happening to my ear. The three of them can cover any sonic territory.
  18. Playing your own song on Rock Band 4!
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