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Scotty and Gabi


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4 hours ago, sinycalone said:

Moose is trying to be a good boy...and not run away from Mom.  He's doing a fine job so far.  That ocean must be tempting.

He got his wish this afternoon ..in the pool..LOL...altho in Scottys IG story Moose is climbing all over Scotty to give him the ball..very wet dog!! LOL





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4 minutes ago, tfortexas said:

Please interpret Gabi's Instagram story.  Is this her last day at work or someone else's?

Scotty said during one of the FB concerts that she was going to be off for several months....they had anticipated needing the time off while Scotty tour with Chris Young, so she could travel with him.  Now....guess they will just learn to chill at home and at the beach.

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