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Shopping addicts thread!

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Reviving one of my favorite threads, especially since today is Black Friday! Did tons of shopping at the mall and online. Today is also my birthday so I had some money to spend too.


Got gift cards to Ulta and Torrid for my birthday, spent those early this morning.



Had to replace this since my old one got thrown out when we were cleaning out my bathroom last weekend. Got it in a different shade than last time too, this time I got it in Medium. Can’t wait for this to come.



Been meaning to try this scent forever and am finally trying the rollerball! One of my favorite vloggers has worn this for years so I’m excited to try it for myself.



Have heard great things about this mascara, plus I needed some new mascara anyway since my old one got thrown out when we were cleaning my bathroom and getting it redone. Got it in the shade Mystic Black and I can’t wait to test it out.


Got all those with my gift card, I also got a couple of things in store:



Been meaning to try this brand ever since Chloe Lukasiak did a YouTube video sponsored by this brand where she used some of their products. Got this and will use it when I use up the shampoo I’m currently using. So excited to have amazing hair.



Since I got the shampoo, I had to get the conditioner too. I have one other conditioner to use before I use this one, and I have one in the shower to finish too, but I’m excited to test these out.


I got a Torrid gift card for my birthday too, here’s what I got with that:



Have one Princess and the Frog shirt that I need to alter, so I’m glad to have one I can wear right now. Such an underrated Disney movie and this year also marks 10 years of it. So excited for this to come.



Thought the color and saying on this shirt were cute, I might wear it for New Year’s Eve. Needed some more cute pink shirts anyway and am excited for it to come.



Loved the color and concept behind this shirt, so I’m excited to wear it once it comes. Should be a super cute look.



Have one other Selena shirt that I love, so I had to get another one, representing one of my favorite songs of hers. So excited to wear this and represent an artist I love whose life tragically ended too soon.



Have one other 90210 shirt from Torrid that I love, when I saw this one with the cast I had to get it, especially since Shannen Doherty was on it. She was my favorite the first four seasons.



Saw this one in my recommended when I ordered my rainbow striped one earlier in the month, luckily they still had my size, so I had to get it! So excited to wear this and pair it with my navy cardigan in these cooler months, then in the summer wear it as is.


Also got a cool Rolling Stones shirt in store, but I didn’t see it on their website.



Got the mini size of this since I’ve been wanting to try this brand for awhile. So excited to have a new face mask to use.


Then I went to Hot Topic. Bought one thing in store and ordered the rest online.



I’ve been addicted to scrunchies lately, so when I saw these ones I had to get them. I ordered them online and hopefully they’ll come soon. Will definitely wear them in my hair and on my wrist.



Bought this shirt in store since all the shirts were on sale for $12, but I had two $5 rewards so I only paid for $2 of it. Been wanting this one for awhile and am glad to finally get it. I got a similar one for my sister a few years ago that just had the main kids from season 1, and Will’s name is upside down. Going to wear this next week and am excited.



Ordered these online! Been wanting these since I saw them, and I’m glad to finally order them. They’d make great statement earrings.



Ordered this for a friend for Christmas, the last thing I needed to get for her. Now I just need to send everything to her once this comes.



Ordered a similar necklace of the same character for me. Can’t wait to pair this with outfits.



Ordered two sets of these, one for me and one for one of my friends for Christmas, the last thing I needed to get for her. Just need to wait for these to come and then will send everything to her soon.


Also ordered a couple of things from Pura Vida Bracelets and Victoria’s Secret. Will link those.



Been wanting this bracelet for awhile and now I finally ordered it! Can’t wait to wear it and pair it with outfits.



Saw one of my favorite girls from Big Brother wear this one, had to get one for myself! I think she has the cream one, but I liked the blue one better.



Got this in the shade and flavor Cherry Bomb, and I’m excited to finally have some flavored lip gloss again. Been missing those from Victoria’s Secret so I’m glad they brought them back.



Got this in the shade Charmed. I already have Rose Gold and Mischief, thought this one was nice too. I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow to look for Stardust. Hopefully they have it.


Also bought Avengers: Endgame and Dark Phoenix on DVD at Target since they were on sale.


All in all, a successful Black Friday!




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Went shopping again today since I had a Target gift card to spend, and some money left over from yesterday.



Lip stuff at Victoria’s Secret was buy one, get one free. This was my free one, got it in the shade and flavor Candy Baby. Smells really good and I can’t wait to wear it eventually.



Was looking for this item specifically in the store and luckily they had the shade I wanted! Got it in the shade Stardust, a nice sheer pink.


Also got the live action Aladdin on DVD with my Target gift card.

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Did some Amazon Christmas shopping this week, still have one more order to make from there and all of my online Christmas shopping will be done.



Ordered a copy of this for my best friend! We usually do movie series at church every summer and our one last summer kind of flopped. I thought this movie would be a good one to show for that series if we decide to try and do it next summer.



Ordered this for my mom, it was on her wish list so she obviously liked it, and I thought it would be a good one to wear this winter.



Also got this for my mom, this was also on her wish list and I thought it was super cute. She can wear it next summer or under a cardigan.



Got this for one of my friends. He’s a Marvel fan so I thought this would be a cool thing for him. Last year I got him the Hulk.



Ordered this for my brother, who loves classic rock music and has been wanting this particular Pop for awhile, so I’m glad to get it for him finally.



Got this for the same friend I got Thanos for, I thought he would like this one too. Not sure if he’s a huge Guardians fan but I thought it was cool.



Ordered this for myself. I’d been wanting a Sansa figure forever but they never made a good one until now. So glad to finally order this! She’ll go next to Anna from Frozen on my shelf.



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^you get a lot of stuff :o


one of my Favorite places to shop online :lol:




Got an Electric Pasta Machine never used for $5.99


a George Foreman Evolve for 9.99, new


I like gadgets from their, my daughter gets great deals on bags and shoes, sometimes unused clothes

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I thought I was addicted to shopping (I love it!) but you beat me!! :lol:


Thank you for this thread :D I'll try posting more. I'm sadly broke at the moment, haha.


I go crazy shopping at Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million... several places in the mall. I wish I was rich lmao.

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Got some Christmas money and gift cards, spent some last night and this morning!


Got $50 to Hot Topic and $100 to Torrid, as well as a check from my step grandparents. Here’s what I got:



Been wanting this shirt for awhile, so glad to finally order it! Bubbles has always been my favorite Powerpuff Girl so I’m glad to have a shirt with her on it.



Saw these and thought they were super cool. I have a shirt representing the show too so I’m glad to have earrings as well. Can’t wait to wear them!



Thought these would go well with my symbol shirt and necklaces, so excited to wear them.



Been wanting these for awhile and I’m glad to get them finally! Thought they were super pretty and I’m excited to wear them with outfits.



Thought this was really pretty, so excited to have another Sailor Moon necklace. Can’t wait to wear it.



My first Birds of Prey product, a necklace inspired by the one Harley Quinn wears! So excited to wear this when I see the movie.



Another Sailor Moon shirt, this time with her cat! So cute and I can’t wait to wear it.



Thought this shirt was really cool, needed another music shirt. Can’t wait to wear it.



Been needing some cute leopard print shirts and thought this would be a good one. It’s off the shoulder so I can wear it in the summer or even now.



Been wanting this sweater for awhile, so glad to finally order it. Can’t wait to wear it this winter.



Got this in black, been needing some cute beanies for this winter.



Saw Bethany Mota buy this on Black Friday, got one for myself in my sign (Sagittarius), can’t wait to eventually use it!



Saw Chloe Lukasiak wear this in the French Alps, loved it, so I got it for myself! Got it in pink since it’s my favorite color.



Been wanting this shirt for awhile, so glad to finally order it! Love them and their artwork so I’m excited to represent them.


Also got a pink faux fur beanie from Boohoo, but I bought the last one so I don’t think it’s on their website anymore. Also got some stickers from Redbubble.



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Forgot to mention a couple more things I bought with my Christmas money!



My friend has this sweater and I loved it, so I had to get it for myself. If I can’t wear it yet I’ll just keep going on my fitness journey.



One of my other friends got this for Christmas, and I’ve been meaning to read it for awhile, so I got it for myself! Will be getting a guided journal to go along with it when I get paid (either tomorrow or Tuesday), so that will be fun.



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Got paid yesterday, did some Amazon shopping! I also have Hot Cash and Torrid Cash to spend later in the month, hopefully I can do that. Here’s what I got today:




Ordered this for one of my best friends for Christmas! He got something for me so I figured I should return the favor. Been wanting to get this for him for awhile so I’m glad to finally get it.



Getting this to go with my book, I love to journal and am excited to see how this one will work out for me.



When I saw they were making more Harry Potter Pops, I knew I had to get a few! They made both her and her twin sister, I liked this one better. I eventually plan to get Cho, Hermione and Luna.



Also got this for my best friend. For his birthday I got him Eleven when she’s levitating, and on a quiz for what character from the show he is he got Will, so I figured he should have Will! Hopefully he likes it.

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Had a $10 reward to Torrid to spend, so I spent that and got something for free since the reward covered everything!



This was really cute and marked down extra for their clearance sale, so excited to wear it this summer. This shipped early this morning so it should get here next week.

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Finally was able to spend my Torrid Cash, got some cool stuff!



Saw this and thought it was really cool, so excited to have another cool sweater to wear this winter! It’s looking to be another brutal one, but we’ll see.



Been wanting this shirt for awhile and I’m finally getting it! So excited to have another rock music shirt to wear.





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Was finally able to spend my Hot Cash for Hot Topic! Since I’m on the Guest List, I can spend a day early.



Been wanting this Pop ever since she was announced, finally ordered her! Then the only one I’ll need for this season will be Erica and I’ll have all the ones I want.



Thought this was cute, needed some more Ghibli stuff, can’t wait to wear it!



Thought this was really cute too, and I loved the color, I’m excited to wear it.

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Finally was able to spend some of my Torrid Cash! Got some things I needed and a couple of things I wanted.



Been wanting this for awhile and there were only a few left in my size, so I was glad to get it. Been needing another cute Minnie Mouse shirt.



There were only a few of these left in my size, so glad to grab one before they ran out! Been needing a cute ring.




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Finally ordered my mom a birthday gift! And it will be here tomorrow, her actual birthday, so that’s perfect.



she put these on her wish list and I liked them, so I decided to get them for her. Supposedly the evil eye wards off bad luck. Hopefully she likes them.


I also got a couple of things for myself.



been wanting some new coloring books since I am an artist in that way, decided to get a Sailor Moon one! Super excited to expand on my creativity.


Got the Sailor Moon ones to stick on journals. Super excited to decorate with them.

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Got a free $5 gift card from my blood center, decided to get it for Amazon!



the next movie in my Disney collection! While it’s not entirely historically accurate, it’s still an enjoyable movie with great music. Plus the title character is a strong female lead.

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One good thing about social distancing until further notice is shopping online!


Got Hot Cash for Hot Topic for being a loyal customer, decided to spend it today!



Got this for free since jewelry is buy two, get one free. Thought it was cute and definitely relate to venting to a friend either on the phone or through a DM.


been meaning to get this shirt forever but many things complicated it. Now I finally got it! So excited to have a piece of Stranger Things 3.


https://www.hottopic.com/product/sailor-moon-sailor-neptune-sailor-uranus-best-friend-necklace-set/12567327.html#q=sailor moon&start=22

thought these were really cool, got them to split with my best real life friend! I plan to keep the mirror for myself and give the sword to her.


https://www.hottopic.com/product/sailor-moon-sailor-guardians-cosplay-earring-set/11711142.html#q=sailor moon&sz=60&start=66
Glad to have some cosplay earrings of the Inner Scouts! Will definitely wear Sailor Venus’ earrings in my top holes on a regular basis and switch it up between the others in my bottom holes. My second set of earrings based on them after their symbols.

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Forgot to mention that I got paid last week, so I did some Amazon shopping!


been meaning to read this book for awhile, and needed a new mystery to read since I finished The Couple Next Door. Plus with the pandemic and social distancing, I have some time to read!



the next movie in my MCU collection! The only one we didn’t watch as a church a couple of years ago, but I’m excited to eventually watch it.



another book I’ve wanted to read for a bit. I remember reading about this case awhile ago and still read the Wikipedia page for it, and I also read one of Jaycee Dugard’s books about her kidnapping, so I thought this would be an interesting read.

Been wanting to read this for awhile too. Chloe Lukasiak had this as one of her book club books and I meant to read it awhile ago, but never got around to it. This should be here today, and I’m excited to read it!

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Since I didn’t get an Easter basket this year (thanks, corona virus), I bought my own!


Been wanting these for awhile and I finally ordered them! They came today, and that was really nice. I might wear a pair of them tomorrow if the weather is cooler.


been wanting this book for awhile to color out of, so excited to do so once it comes! Meant to get this one earlier but my other one was cheaper. Now I have two to color out of!


another Harry Potter Funko for my collection! I have Ginny riding a broom, Fleur and Parvati Patil, so this will join them! I eventually plan to get Hermione and Luna. So excited to add her to my collection!

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Ordered my mom something for Mother’s Day! I figured since Amazon has been prioritizing essential stuff, I should order it now so it gets here around Mother’s Day.



this was on her wish list, and I thought she would like it. It’s a UV protection wrap and she does like to wear scarves, so I thought she would definitely use it. She liked the blue one, so that’s what I got for her.


also ordered this to make it an even $25 so I could get free shipping. Ordered this for my best friend as part of his birthday gift. Still have a couple more things to get for him. He’s a Marvel fan like I am, so I figured he should have a Pop from Endgame.

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