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  1. Phenomenal top 5 and phenomenal winner!
  2. Kate Harpootlian I legit did not know who she was and liked all the other dancers I knew from the US seasons, but I am glad I am cutting her because she is actually from a US season and I just do not know who she is. I thought she was like a Polish or Dutch dancer that I had no idea of. Anyways, she was on season 12 and made it all the way to top 8 yet I am still confused on how the heck I do not recognize her or her name lolol. She was a contemporary dancer and auditioned in Dallas Texas. Save Mark
  3. Round 4 Clark Beckham "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" Round 2 Michael Simeon "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" Nick Fradiani "Only The Good Die Young" Nick Fradiani "American Girl" Clark Beckham "Living For The City" Clark Beckham "Yesterday" If anyone wants to steal anything for Round 4 lemme know!
  4. I am still looking into my choices, sounds like we have until tomorrow now?
  5. Slay at 5 of my top 6 making top 5! Time was robbed!
  6. Ashle dawson I guess I’m cutting Ashle because she’s the only one I really know we’ll other than Janick and hessel. She will probably be brought back so it’ll be fine. Megan did not request her safety so she’s the only decision. Ashle was on season 1 where she made it all the way to top 4. I personally did not like her that much even though she was blond. A lot of people seemed to think she had great ballroom routines as a contemporary dancer and she may have had like one for me but I never connected with her. Anyway I don’t know why no one saved her yet but I guess they can bring her back at the end of the cycle save hessel
  7. Save hessel cut Ashle (she wasn’t part of Megan’s requests)
  8. Yes! As long it’s just men and you don’t penalize me for having opposite taste from you
  9. The Rockefeller skank is the only one that irks me making the top 10 Time should’ve been there instead!!! ROBBED!!!!!!!
  10. Interesting that the two seasons I did not play in are the only ones with the same contestant having the top 3+
  11. Oooh that makes more sense, for once I have nothing to do with this drama
  12. Hopefully @*Amanda has time to finish this over the holidays before the new season starts Yes this is so true, how the heck are they traveling internationally??? Must have been somewhat restricted
  13. I think that in those cases it was the choreographeR whereas this season it was the dancer wait I thought Joshua was just abusive, he’s rapist too?????
  14. Not horrified at any of the bottom 10 so far luckily, I do love seeing all the different spreads of rankings i love all our differing opinions
  15. This is actually fair lolol and I know you are mostly joking, but others I think really think I am saving people just because they're hot men. I only really did that in the first cycle when I didn't know the people left and we saved like 15 people in certain rounds. Danny Arbour was one of my faves on his season. And so are most of the other men I saved. But yeah IDK why there's so much random hate against Hessel, he's not even a viable threat to win but he's def one of my international faves
  16. Just because they are not your favorites does not mean I am keeping EVERYONE just because they're a hot guy. This narrative is ridiculous. The times I keep people who are hot men are just in groups where I legit do not know anyone else or do not care about anyone else. I could also say the same about people keeping women just because they're they're women or think they're gorge (which is 90% of IDF). But no one talks about that because the women are the IDF faves. Not everyone loves all the women of SYTYCD. I do have my female favorites, and I clearly would save them if they were in danger. Anyways, whatever, I know this will never change about IDF so rant over.
  17. This may be true in the case of some of my decisions but not in the case of Hessel.
  18. Hessel was a fabulous dancer, I will not stand for this slander!!! He's not the most phenomenal dancer ever but definitely better than a lot of the people left in this group in jeopardy and definitely doesn't deserve the hate!!!
  19. This Hessel hate is unwarranted!!! These are for his writeup when he is inevitably eliminated by one of the haters SMH.
  20. JC

    Survivor 41

    I can not find this spoiler anywhere, can you PM it to me? I am curious
  21. JC

    Survivor 41

    WHERE I know there were spoilers that said someone who was already eliminated won, but clearly that was wrong. I feel like the only things I've seen are speculation and theories.
  22. JC

    Survivor 41

    #TeamXander He's playing an amazing game! I understand not wanting a 7th male to win in a row, but like dude still has his idol somehow lol. The only misstep he took was using that extra vote since it was unnecessary, but I understand why because he could have forced the tie and had more time to convince Erika to change if she had defected. It is pretty late in the game though so not sure he really needs Ricard as a shield anymore, they definitely need to take him out next. I do not think Erika wins because she was nonexistent in the first half of the episodes. Like I know her team never went to tribal, but we definitely saw more of Deshawn so he actually might be the winner. WHY ARE THERE NO SPOILERS???
  23. I’m loling bc how the heck did kherington get a solo in the top 30? im not even a hater but I cannot stop laughing bc whut??
  24. Loredo Malcom LOL I am ridic and can not read. Loredo is the only other name I know from this list so I guess I will cut him. He was on the Australian season season 2 where I think he made it pretty far. I think he may have been paired with Talia based on wikipedia, but I do not remember that much about it. Maybe it was in the top 10. Anyways, google is blocking wikipedia from me for some reason so I do not have much more to say about him. I believe he made it pretty far, like top 12 or 10, so good for him! I am not super attached to him and as I said, leaving all the unknowns for people that know them hopefully. lol also annoyed I had to do two writeups ugh I need to be more patient reading through these posts. Save Danny
  25. Anna-Alicia Sklias
 Cutting her because I do not recognize anyone else's name really. She is a Dutch presenter now, and she placed second on the 2011 Dutch version of SYTYCD. I believe she was some kind of contemporary or jazz dancer, I do not remember completely, but I do know that I did watch her season pretty thoroughly, so the fact that I can barely remember her but just know she was not one of my faves means that I am cutting her. Everyone else gets saved for being completely unknown to me so I am letting others who know them decide their fates. Save Danny Arbour
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