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  1. It's a bad time for the Conservatives to be running around leaderless since this is complete gold for them. Trudeau and the Liberals got a lot of good will from the electorate thanks to their excellent handling of the pandemic, so I guess we'll see how the polls shift in the coming weeks. Even still I think they'll be able to survive this.
  2. California has been a slow roll followed by a moderate yet noticeable uphill trend recently. The other two states were steady with daily new cases for quite some time and are now absolutely exploding.
  3. Florida, Texas, and California are actually f*cked. Florida has ~ 20,000 new cases in two days. Yeesh. The USA really does like to "go big or go home".
  4. Bad news hoping for herd immunity. New paper published in Nature Med. followed a group of people who had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, including some asymptomatic individuals. The findings: - Antibodies produced by the body during infection slowly decrease in concentration in the months after - Some asymptomatic people individuals has antibody levels decrease to the point where they were not detectable. If antibody concentrations decrease then that's a problem, and open up the risk of people catching COVID-19 more than once. Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0965-6.pdf Only one paper, so take it with a grain of salt. Like any study, its merit will come when others find the same results. However, Nature Medicine is a very, very good journal so the research methods and findings are sound.
  5. Has there been any discussion in the past regarding possibly getting DC to become a part of either Maryland or Virginia? That would also be a decent option.
  6. That 0-29 age group is a good mix of ages who either don't know better (under 10) or the ones who think they're invincible. As much as I'd like to sit down in a bar for a drink on a nice day, its not worth the risk. A lot of young people don't think like myself though.
  7. The theory that the increase in numbers is due to an increase in testing is certainly popular, but not based on fact. As example, numbers for Houston: Check back in 2-3 weeks regarding hospitalizations and deaths for Texas since things only appear to be getting out of control now after weathering the March-early June period very well compared to spots like New York. There likely is some merit to an increase in transmission as people move inside to avoid the summer heat. It's sort of the opposite of what you see further north, but no one wants to actually be outside during a summer day in places like Texas or Florida.
  8. So....what exactly is the argument against Washington DC becoming a state?
  9. Looks like Texas and Florida are taking action regarding the skyrocketing number of new cases in each state the past week.
  10. It's an attempt to de-legitimize any argument I make because I'd be from some backwoods middle of nowhere place that just doesn't understand what's actually happening.
  11. I have made comments in this thread the past few weeks regarding good vs bad officers. You may also note that I'm not running around, screaming about defunding the police. However, your absolute incapability to acknowledge that the police have been completely out of line with dealing with peaceful protesters AND bystanders/media members says all I need to know. The strange fetishism of the police by the right wing is truly bizarre. They scream about freedom and civil rights, and then they don't blink an eye when police open fire on people standing on their front deck or assaulting/arresting members of the media who are just doing their jobs. The irony is almost laughable.
  12. So you've clearly ignored the last 10+ pages of this thread, showing peaceful protesters and onlookers (including media members) being assaulted and nearly murdered,. I don't have time or sympathy for those who have taken advantage of the situation to loot, riot, and destroy property for fun. I also have no sympathy for the police who have demonstrated they are exactly what people are protesting against. Where I live is clearly stated under my avatar. If you think I live on PEI then you may want to do a double check.
  13. As for the lead up to the general election, I will re-iterate my thoughts. Biden is crushing Trump in the polls right now, but the election isn't today so that doesn't matter. Four months is a long time, and literally anything can happen between now and then. If nothing catastrophic happens within this time period I do expect the election to be fairly close, with the usual swing states being the final deciding factor in who wins.
  14. As yes, the police have shown so much respect towards protesters, onlookers, and the media the last month but this is what you have a problem with? LOL.
  15. Pretty much exactly what's happening. Not just in the USA either, right-ring robots from pretty much every country are all screaming the same thing. "You told us these many people would die and look, only THESE MANY people died. We clearly over-reacted!" while being too ignorant to realize that our actions had positive impact on deaths and infections. Had things not shut down in mid-late March we'd be in a much different situation right now. If you look at the total of closed cases globally, 9% of infections resulted in death. In the USA 11%, in Canada 12%, and in Italy 16%. Those numbers aren't anything to laugh about.
  16. My province is officially COVID-free as of today. First time in about 3 months.
  17. They're already stepping back a bit from that statement: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/who-covid-19-asymptomatic-spread-1.5604353 Asymptomatic spread is going to account for a lot less infections. You're not going to spread the virus nearly as much if you're not sneezing or coughing. One sneeze an hour would likely still be classified as asymptomatic, as example, and while that one sneeze is more than capable of spreading the virus, but you're more likely to get the virus from someone who's clearly sick and sneezing/coughing every minute. FWIW the huge cluster of cases which hit our province started with an asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic carrier.
  18. Then of course you have the police out in the streets trying to murder protesters.
  19. I was very certain that Trump would run away with the election. Obviously there's still a lot of time left between now and the actual election, and if the economy rebounds and the civil unrest dissipates then you're likely to see a much closer race. However, there is no doubt in my mind that if the election were held today that it would be a landslide victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats. The thing is the election isn't today. When it's go-time and both Biden and Trump get out of the gate you better hope that Biden has some sort of plan and some sort of image for his America. Elections can't be won on a campaign of "I'm not Trump".
  20. I am not pro "defund the police", but there needs to be major police reform. Right now all it really takes to become a police officer is to graduate high school (not a big accomplishment), be physically fit, and pass an exam where they pretty much ask you questions that even a dumbass knows not to answer honestly if you disagree with what you know to be the true answer. Then you're patting these people on the back and call them heroes. You know there are people who enter the police force for the wrong reasons, and there's nothing really stopping them from becoming an officer. And then everyone feeds their egos by glorifying them for likely doing absolutely nothing heroic. The same goes with the army as well, but the problem there is honestly 100 times worse. There are good officers, I've known some of them personally. I've also known bad officers. This isn't an America-specific problem either. My issue right now, as if you can't tell by my post history in this thread over the past week or so, is that a number of police officers are clearly abusing their power and attacking anyone in their path. I think I'm even more bothered that there are people who don't seem to care. Burn down a building rioting? OUTRAGE. Police assaulting innocent individuals or media reporters? Who cares. If those people are fine living in a police state, by all means enjoy it, but America has criticized other nations countless times in history for much less.
  21. Looks like another case of attempted murder that won't be investigated. I love that in the report on the protests the police said one person tripped and injured themselves. "Tripped". Makes you wonder how much the police have lied about before this past week that they've gotten away with because there was no video proof. Lock these pigs up.
  22. Check out this f*cking scum pig. Placed on administrative duty until everything blows over, then they'll be back on the street again. Pathetic.
  23. Shockingly relevant meme
  24. I'm not even going to try with you anymore since the paper that was retracted had nothing to do with HIV and that's easily verifiable since there's a paper trail a f*cking mile long regarding that whole incident dated to well before Judy became a crazy nutjob. Remember that OJ Simpson also claimed he was innocent.
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