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  1. Oh their Hits from the Road cd, GNT plays 2 versions of the Civil Wars - From this Valley and Billie Jean. Very nice.
  2. I agree - I LOVE the cello but it's covering up Caleb's work.
  3. i agree - all night i was playing catch-up in my mind! Watching YouTube is when i saw them move, create, and I relaxed enough to begin to understand just how risky this piece was. But, I agree, it could pay off in the end.
  4. Get him out from behind the guitar or piano, and look out...!!!
  5. Each one has an incredibly wide vocal range, with Caleb's bass on In This Heart being case in point!
  6. So cool, thanks. I hear Jimmy Webb (Wichita Lineman) reached out to them with his kindest regards, as did Steven Stills (Helplessly Hoping)!
  7. I keep wondering if they will mess with their formula at all. It would be pretty brave and a little scary seeing as they've done so well with the choices they've made.
  8. Hoping GNT, but I could happily live with any of these being the winner!
  9. Awesome!! HOw did you find this information? Is it their version from "Hits from the Road" or actual Voice footage?
  10. And all their competitors have stayed in the competition! No one has gone home, showing a little bit of how good their competition was!
  11. I'll bet this is a first for this song on the Voice! A Golden Oldie - where do they keep coming up with this stuff? I've learned to trust their taste.
  12. I just listened to the KO on a better sound system and I think I hear backup singers, but really faintly. I wonder if she was counting on them being there and had a hard time hearing them. It could have led to the one or two pitchy moments if she was relying on them to provide a base. Did anybody else hear that?
  13. Watch YouTube's offering of 'John said Sonorous' at the 2:00 mark to see Bekah asking for Kelly's autograph, which Kelly happily provides!
  14. Love this photo - these contestants all seem so close in relationship! It's almost like they're rooting for each other as much as themselves! Thanks for passing this picture along!
  15. There is quite a bit of positive sentiment too - many saying they don't like groups, but they'll make an exception for this one!
  16. What do we know about GNT's charisma at this point - they are one of the few (if not the only) act without a backstory. You're right though, their is a stigma to overcome. Not their fault, it's just the way it goes.
  17. Caleb led out in Helplessly Hoping, and Joshua has the most trained voice of the three. Just wait, more is coming. Again, if you would listen to their other work available on all the platforms, you'll soon realize the brothers are not just backup singers. This gentle trio is a force, a machine to be reckoned with. They are 3 unique voices singing as one - and this Dolly bluegrass style 7BR isn't even in their genre. True, the brothers continue to point to Bekah as the star, and I see that side too. But these kids are so dang humble, almost to a fault. Fan for life.
  18. Song written by Steve Young and this is Dolly's more bluegrass version - check it out. After listening to GNT's stuff, they are so versatile, I definitely wouldn't label them a country band, but they stepped up to the challenge and delivered. This tune was right in Kinsey's wheelhouse and she nailed it too.
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