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  1. I'm becoming convinced they'll be on the Premiere. Unfortunately, that almost assures it won't happen. Yes, I know - that makes no sense!!!
  2. GNT appears to be very versatile - from pop to folk to country to indie to alternative, and beyond. I've been listening to their stuff and I really like how they arrange music from Glen Campbell to Michael Jackson, and make it their own. I'll bet John was talking to them when he was mentioning harmony done right in the latest promo. Of course, I'm sure there's a lot of superb harmonies coming from the other groups too...
  3. He must be pretty athletic... and a little crazy!! That would break me. They could've just buried me in the sand.
  4. I've been listening to the album, and feel it represents their range, their pure harmonies that seem effortless, and Bekah's unique voice being shared with her brother's voices that are also unique and very capable. I am becoming more and more biased but I feel GNT will cross over numerous listening groups and fall into the hearts of many. Of course, I'm sure that can be said for many of this talent packed season 21. It's gonna be a wild ride.
  5. Loved seeing GNT on today's promo about 'Coach's Strengths and Weaknesses.' They appear around the 2:47 mark, and look like they're having lots of fun!
  6. The Holly hunch is probably a good one, but I hope their appearance happens no later than episode 2. I can't wait until the third! I won't make it another week!!!!
  7. I'll bet Caleb and Josh get plenty of opportunities to sign autographs! Maybe he's just being humble...
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