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  1. There is quite a bit of positive sentiment too - many saying they don't like groups, but they'll make an exception for this one!
  2. What do we know about GNT's charisma at this point - they are one of the few (if not the only) act without a backstory. You're right though, their is a stigma to overcome. Not their fault, it's just the way it goes.
  3. Caleb led out in Helplessly Hoping, and Joshua has the most trained voice of the three. Just wait, more is coming. Again, if you would listen to their other work available on all the platforms, you'll soon realize the brothers are not just backup singers. This gentle trio is a force, a machine to be reckoned with. They are 3 unique voices singing as one - and this Dolly bluegrass style 7BR isn't even in their genre. True, the brothers continue to point to Bekah as the star, and I see that side too. But these kids are so dang humble, almost to a fault. Fan for life.
  4. Song written by Steve Young and this is Dolly's more bluegrass version - check it out. After listening to GNT's stuff, they are so versatile, I definitely wouldn't label them a country band, but they stepped up to the challenge and delivered. This tune was right in Kinsey's wheelhouse and she nailed it too.
  5. Do you mean you enjoyed the a Capella part, but not so much when the music kicked in? Just curious what you didn't like about the the rest.
  6. I'll be listening to this an exorbitant number of times. Not sure I'll ever get enough!
  7. Good Clean Fun... maybe a little sticky though! So cool how the sibs get along so well together.
  8. Surprised that he had never sang in front of people before, and waited until The Voice Blind Auditions to be his first appearance ever? Makes no sense.
  9. Wichita Lineman was crazy good, but a lasting memory is the song they ended with. They went off mic and came to the front of the stage and sang a Capella a song they composed dedicated to the memory of someone very special to them. Off mic, their voices only, emotions running strong... you could hear a pin drop when they finished similar to the ending of their Blind Audition, followed by thunderous applause and love all around. People cheering and wiping their eyes, they were holding us, and we were holding them. I still get misty, in the best of ways.
  10. I travelled many miles to be at their Oct 1 show. I was amazed at the connection between the stage and the crowd. We were cheering crazy wildly one moment and crying the next. Something special going on here - their love for their supporters is so obvious. I felt instead of being in the audience, I was actually in their congregation.
  11. To have gained this much attention with their social media numbers, 1.8 million Youtube views, and 3.5 million FaceBook views is amazing. Especially because they are THE ONLY act to have no bio or backstory. Just wait until the country gets to meet these kids. Just wait.
  12. To hear the depth of Caleb's range, I was struck by the song "In This Heart" by Sinead O'Connor which they sing a Capella on their Hits From the Road, on YouTube, iTunes, or Spotify. That lower register is something you just don't hear, and it really surprised me. I wonder if they would dare sing an a Capella piece on The Voice... likely not the forum that would really appreciate it.
  13. Something going on with these kids. GNT - the only act in the first 2 episodes without a backstory, and still garnering a ton of attention on social media. 3 young adults, with 3 personalities, each appealing to a different segment of fans, and when combined are a unique product that resonates with a broad range of fans. I hope they mix up their musical selections and show their range. 2 other trios still to come... and so much talent yet to be seen.
  14. I noticed on one of his Facebook posts he said how thankful he is that he didn't screw it up for his brother and sister! Oh duh, I see this is very old news - sorry all!
  15. Thanks for the explanation - I guessed it was something like that, but nice to know more exactly.
  16. Certainly noticed, and I'm wondering why they didn't. I guess it's a long season and we know they'll be around until lives. I'm excited to learn more about them, so I was disappointed.
  17. The harmonies really soared at the end, and so did the crowd! And then... complete silence when the song closed. Even Kelly gave the silence time to percolate... for a second or two!
  18. They sing as One Voice, so maybe that'll work! But there will always be haters - it's just what people do.
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