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  1. @peachfuz Would you mind sharing the semifinals results if you’d like? I’m a little surprised Cami wasn’t in the finale(although that wasn’t her best performance)
  2. @peachfuz Could you make the spreadsheet public so we can access the results easier as they come?
  3. @JCJust checking in to see if we might get results today or tomorrow but no pressure though.
  4. @JCIs this still happening relatively soon?(sorry if these reminders are getting annoying)
  5. @JCNo pressure at all, I’m just curious if you might know when we might have a results show ready?
  6. This is not an easy decision at all for me but ultimately I’ve come to a conclusion. My pick for the Finals will be-Signe Krog! This might not be the most popular decision, but I felt based on everyone’s performances, she deserved to move on and that we need to have room for a more unique artist in the finals.
  7. Tomorrow at 4PM EST works for me I think, but I'm open to just about anything
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