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  1. Wait, is that Cam's BF??? Good for him on coming out! Is he the first LGBT winner???
  2. A group of girls my age (now early 20s, then teenagers ) from Chris Mann's fanbase I used to be buddies with hate me and I'm not sure why. I'm not sure if they even care much about him anymore anyway as it looks like they haven't been to one of his shows since right around the time they dumped me(When he's done several shows near them over the past few years pre covid ) . Anyway , Chris calls me awesome and his walking Wikapedia so I don't care much on them anymore except the group of girls were oddly hanging out in NYC recently I think they were probably just jealous . For a while , I was down on all of that but hardly think of them anymore as it seems like they are no longer active in the fanbase . I'd say the worst fans are Jordan Smith 's and Ryan Gallagher's. Most are conservative loonies . I haven't cared for half the music Jordan's put out post show even though he was my favorite with Jeffrey while Ryan Gallagher turned out to be a supposed nutcase anyway and I keep wondering what exactly he did wrong ... Matt McAndrew has a nice group of fans . So does Sarah Potenza who's fans have been very dedicated . (her fb fan group is huge !)
  3. Sarah Potenza's AGT audition. People on a AGT group I'm on thought she was a joke act before she sang,lol
  4. Matt's brother just posted this. What the irony this is . I am just very worried /confused on Matt https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ_msx7LrwJ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. So Alex Lambert apparently auditioned and is nowhere to be seen now? Ugh. Still pissed Andrew Garcia got in over him on Idol. But yay on Jeremy auditioning . I liked him on Idol too!
  6. I guess the dance group and choir . There were some people with Flo Rida but idk who they were . Bebe Rexha on now and at least she can sing
  7. Just watched Cam kill it on TV with a dance group which I believe was from Philadanco and a choir from a A.M.E church along with the Philly pops . Shame he only sang Stand Up . Flo Rida is next and of course Cam is wayyy better . Was thinking on going since it was at an actual venue over the parkway (and I've been to the Mann Center before ) but now I'm glad I didn't as he only sang that ... Saw he also took part in the Declaration of Independence reading this morning too from Independence Hall . Hope I can see him live hopefully soon as I do get lucky seeing the local Voice alums straight after the show ...(I'm seeing Louis Knight from Idol though in August and of course it took over a year because of Covid )
  8. Here's a list of my other favorites from my Top 20 or so in Season order,lolll I've seen/met everybody above Chris J.(A few more than once) Chris Mann knows me just as well as Matt does as a superfan. Feels like a good chunk of people on this list haven't done much lately Javier Colon* Chris Mann* Michelle Chamuel* Tessanne* Jacquie Lee* Christina Grimmie(I miss her sooo much)* Josh Kaufman * Matt McAndrew* Chris Jamieson Damien Luke Wade Sarah Potenza Meghan Linsey Josh Davis Jeffrey Austin Jordan Smith(His post show music isn't my cup of tea at all and I wouldn't be surprised if he has the hateful views too) Alisan Billy Gillman Brynn Maelyn Katie Kadan Cam Anthony My top Idol faves are Cookie, Archie, Adam Lambert, Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Haley , Casey A, Stefano, Candice Glover Michael Woodard, Catie Turner, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Louis Knight, Just Sam, Casey Bishop, and Grace Kintsler
  9. I need somebody new to stan now.................. Somebody give me a suggestion... I literally don't know what to do as a long time fan of Matt... I still have my other Voice and Idol favorites but still......
  10. I was surprised to see Kristen Merlin in the comments on his post(I know they have the same management) and long time LGBT allies Chris Mann and Alisan Porter supporting him. Hope they just meant on supporting him coming out...........................................
  11. Long time dedicated fan of Matt here(He literally calls me his ride or die fan and is also local to me) and I am just saddened by that video. He encouraged anybody who disagreed with his views to message him so I did and shared the Dateline video on David Archuleta and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon's (Also a Baptist and Preacher's son)'s documentary he made on coming out. Also, Alisan Porter and Chris Mann(Who are huge LGBT allies) and Kristen Merlin(Who is LGBT) commented on his IG post supporting him. I hope they meant that they just supported him coming out and not the other crap he was saying. My heart just breaks for him as he and his family were always the nicest people at his shows and on social media over the past 8 years. My last concert with my dad before he passed away was Matt's show at a new venue almost in my backyard.... Like my dad, Matt;s father also died of cancer and we were talking about that a few weeks ago. I just hope he realizes that he's loved and it's no sin to be gay as I know many other of his fans are telling him the same thing . I thought the video meant when first watching it that he knew he was sinning but was glad to come out but actually not. I literally don't know what to do as a fan of his even though I have so many other favorite singers from these shows and a few others do know me. In other news, Sarah Potenza's(A huge LGBT ally and amazing person's) AGT audition airs on the 13th! https://www.instagram.com/p/CQy1157hJgM/
  12. Once, I went to a concert where after an opening act performed, I asked for a pic with her and she said it was only for "people who paid ahead of time"(Apparently it as raining and some people missed her pre show m&g but this was out in public in the lobby). She said I could get something signed though(aka a piece of paper in my purse). Then after the show, she had changed her shirt/took off her hat and was taking pics with everybody. I thought that was totally weird..... She was very talented and that turned me off. There wasn't even a lot of people in that line. Never had an issue like that again at a show with an opener or headliner(and I've seen dozens and dozens of concerts at that one venue alone) Shame on Julia.. Louis is from my neck of the woods and he seems like a real nice guy . Can't wait to see him hopefully soon. Also still confused on the whole Wyatt thing on Idol,lol
  13. Michelle Chamuel(Wish we'd hear more from her besides an occasional release. She was spectacular in concert and a sweetheart) Kristen Merlin(I wish she made it big...Also very kind hearted when I met her) Jeffery Austin Billy Gillman Betsy Ade(She was robbed) and Cam is LGBT?
  14. Can't find his total stats but Chris Mann has 47k Spotify listeners monthly . Way more than Jermaine .
  15. Top tear 1. David Cook(I've seen him 20+ times if you include virtual shows and met 4. He's soo talented and humble) Amazing 2. Just Sam 3. Kelly Clarkson(I didn't start watching until S4 but I love her) 4.Candice Glover 5. Maddie Poppe Not my top favorites but they are alright 6. Carrie Underwood 7. Phillip Phillips 8. Nick Fradiani 9. Jordin Sparks 10. Kris Allen(I was all team Adam S8 and hated him for years but after seeing him at the reboot idol tour and his Stageit show with David Cook, he goes higher) 11. Chayce Beckham 12. Ruben Studdard 13. Trent Harmon 14. Taylor Hicks 15.. Caleb Johnson Meh 16. Lee Dewyze 17 Scotty McCreery 18. Fantasia 19. . Laine Hardy
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