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  1. Can someone explain to me these TPTB, PV etc all the acronyms u guys using. Thank you in Advance! Btw is Mandi Castillo's KO performance good? Or just mediocre? I want to know how she beat Thunderstorm.
  2. Cam is better I agree. Megan seems to lack a little bit of something to make her performance magical but overall she's good and justified why Kelly picked her over Samantha during battles.
  3. I am right yay! https://youtu.be/hyIfl4hKk2o
  4. Tayler's song is overdone I guess. If I were Kelly I will pick Micah regardless if his KO sucks and give him better song on the Lives.
  5. I'm excited! Which Knockout will be leaked????? I hope it will be Megan Danielle Vs. Cammwess. Whose KO leak you guys want??
  6. There was on last episode. Team Gwen. Myracle Hollaway Vs. Calvin Lockett
  7. What do you mean by "Bias"?? I still think that Micah V Tayler is a wrong pairing, it should've been Tayler V Anaya.
  8. Sadly Blake was Blocked on her Blind Audition.
  9. OMG Ali Caldwell's Somebody Loves You Baby is perfect. She just slapped Whitney(Contestant she replaced) and just showed her how to sing a Patti Labelle song. Btw, I hate that she didn't make it in the Finale of Season 11.
  10. But I have favorites this season. Micah Iverson and Joanna Serenko are good singers and have great tone. I am expecting better performances on Knockouts.
  11. Is it Legit that. Samantha Howell is Kelly's Save?
  12. OMG I just joined this forum. I watched The Voice since Season 7 and watched some famous performances of the past 6 seasons. Now, I think Season 18 is not as magical as other seasons. The last Season is better than this in Terms of Talent.
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