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  1. Jackie and MaKenzie are not FINALIST. I get your point though. Jackie is really good but her semifinal song "Here We Go Again" was a mess. MaKenzie though was robbed.
  2. Chloe is good and I really love her "Landslide" but I still think Brooke was robbed. During lives I sometimes think Chloe is boring.
  3. *Yeah Brooke Simpson and her Amazing Grace is a Finale thing. I really think if she sang it in the Finale she could've won it.
  4. Poor Shakira didn't even made a finalist.
  5. S3-Cassadee Pope-Team Blake Crowning Moment-Over You-Top 10 S4-Michelle Chamuel-Team Usher Crowning Moment-I Knew You Were Trouble-Top 6 S5-Tessanne Chin-Team Adam Crowning Moment-Bridge Over Trouble Water-Semifinals S6-Christina Grimmie-Team Adam Crowning Moment-Wrecking Ball-BA and Finale Reprise Song S7-Matt McAndrew-Team Adam Crowning Moment-Wasted Love-Finale Oringinal Song S8-Koryn Hawthorne-Team Pharrell Crowning Moment-Make It Rain-Top 10 S9-Jordan Smith-Team Adam Crowning Moment-Somebody To Love-Semifinals S10-Alisan Porter-Team Christina Crowning Moment-Stay With Me Baby-Top 11 S11-Billy Gilman-Team Adam Crowning Moment-I Surrender-Semifinals S12-Chris Blue-Team Alicia Crowning Moment-Love On The Brain-Live Playoffs S13-Brooke Simpson-Team Miley Crowning Moment-Amazing Grace-Top 10 S14-Kyla Jade-Team Blake Crowning Moment-How Great Thou Art-Live Playoffs Part 1 * S15-Kennedy Holmes-Team Jennifer Crowning Moment-Greatest Love Of All-Top 11 S16-Maelyn Jarmon-Team John Crowning Moment-Stay-Semifinals S17-Ricky Duran-Team Blake Crowning Moment-A Woman Like Her-Finale Original Song * *All songs I picked are performed Live *On S14 I think it is a tie with Brynn Cartelli-Team Kelly Crowning Moment-What The World Needs Now Is Love-Semifinals I put Kyla because I think she's a better artist. *On S17 I just don't want Jake Hoot to win so bad. Either of the 3 Finalist is worth it but I think Ricky Duran should be.
  6. I think TMH will sing Somebody to Love (Queen) it will fit his vocals. I don't know why they put by One Republic. OMG Nelson singing Best Part??? I hope it's good and better that Khalea's Version.
  7. I'm just trolling. I like Joanna Serenko to make it finale so much. But given the that there might be a "Team Quota" her chances are getting slim.
  8. We'll see if there is a Team Quota or not.
  9. There are too many females that most likely get robbed. LMAO
  10. Why not it won't happen? Season 7 had an All-Male Finale FYI
  11. Are we sure that they will do a montage KO?
  12. No season 1&2 either way they will be lowest. Favorites because of Blind Audition and Consistency and Well-Deserve Winner 1. Alisan Porter S10 Team Xtina 2. Josh Kaufman S6 Team Usher 3. Maelyn Jarmon S16 Team Legend 4. Jordan Smith S9 Team Adam 5. Chevel Sheperd S15 Team Kelly Have at least good Breakout Performance/s and glad they won 6. Chris Blue S12 Team Alicia 7. Tessanne Chin S5 Team Adam 8. Chloe Kohanski S13 Team Blake 9. Brynn Cartelli S14 Team Kelly Don't like winning but not bad 10. Danielle Bradbery S4 Team Blake 11. Sawyer Fredericks S8 Team Pharrell 12. Cassadee Pope S3 Team Blake 13. Sundance Head S11 Team Blake Country that I don't like and I hate that they won 14. Craig Wayne Boyd S7 Team Blake 15. Jake Hoot S17 Team Kelly
  13. 1.Thunderstorm Artis 2. Todd Tilghman 3. Micah Iverson 4. Mike Jerel/Nelson Cade III/Roderick Chambers All Boys bitches!
  15. Coz the enunciation is ok but her breathing is too airy in some parts especially middle to end she seems out of breath.
  16. Coz the pairing sucks. It's acceptable if it's Mandi Vs. Micah. Then Anaya Vs. Tayler.
  17. You are more of a trash than the two seasons of the voice. Edit: You are a trash compared to The Voice because you only watch the show.
  18. Since this is a Joanna Serenko Fan Thread. Can I post something like Joanna > Allegra ? I will delete this if you don't like it. But for me that's really is it.
  19. Jon Mero's BA is not good for me. I don't get why it's 4-chair turn
  20. Btw what is this Minivan? I'm not aware of it.
  21. I disagree with you saying Jacob pick a weird song choice, it fits him. Jacob is good there while Jake is not good on his weird song choice.
  22. Because of her breathing there. Some of the runs are too airy.
  23. TOLD YAH! THEY WILL LEAK ALLEGRA VS. JACOB Edit: So sad Jacob went home he's also good there and I like his tone. Wished that Nick paired Allegra Vs. Arei and Jon Vs. Jacob. He should have keep both. We'll see if Arei/Jon will have better performances.
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