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  1. Guys I don't know why but I can't post embed codes. How do you do it to post vids from youtube?
  2. Wade in the Water- ehem. LB Crew says hi. Electric Love- Mikaela Astel says hi too.
  3. If I Ain't Got You is a magical song. I cannot see it overdone. It's good that it has a pause but when you hear Mercy every season for 6x, that's what you call an overdone song. From season 12-17
  4. Mercy used for 6 consecutive seasons that's what you call an Overly Overdone Song. LMAO Another which almost done on consecutive seasons. Love On the Brain 1. Chris Blue (12) 2. Wé McDonald (11) 3. Hannah Mrozak (13) 4. Cedrice (18) 5. Presley Tennant (16) 6. Reid Umstattd and Davison (14)
  5. It's not good he sounded awkward. Powerful>>>>>TNHMB
  6. How about Sa'Rayah over Michael Sanchez?
  7. U spelled I wrong. JOMZ not JMOZ
  8. Btw add me on the list of fans thanks!
  9. What's with this Jake HaldenVang's Twitter exposé? Does it have something to do about his "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" sh*t of a song choice?
  10. Micah is really good. His vocals soar in a way that keeping the quality of voice really good. Some part are off maybe because Kelly's right it's a hard song to sing but nevertheless he's awesome. Don't know why especially Blake (I think he just don't know Graveyard and he just happen to know Time After Time) don't see how good Micah is in his song choice.
  11. Yup I really love Kymberli. Her Battle (Mercy) KO (The Middle) PO (Radioactive) are my favorites. She's really one of the most consistent singer on The Voice that never fails to impress the coaches.
  12. I'll rank all the female coaches on The Voice 1. ALICIA KEYS 2. CHRISTINA AGUILERA 3. MILEY CYRUS 4. JENNIFER HUDSON 5. KELLY CLARKSON 6. SHAKIRA 7. GWEN STEFANI Sorry but Alicia and Xtina are queens who didn't need a singing competition to be famous.
  13. Yup she should kill it or else. I'm so sad for her being in that kind of position right now.
  14. Kelly's being strategic as I can see. I think after 4 seasons I really know her strategy as a coach. She's becoming more predictable.
  15. As much as I love Thunderstorm, his song choice doesn't make him shine. Even his Blind Audition song, I'm not fond of. I think that he should've pick Nick from the very start. John is a good Singer/SongWriter etc. but I think he's not a good coach.
  16. What if Micah is voted through will you think Cedrice will be saved over Megan?
  17. I don't remember Vanessa singing Diamonds. But I remember her KO was really really good by just reading her name.
  18. Kelly PV: Megan Danielle (If she sings a country song, either way people like these young Teenage Girls will be voted through especially being on Team Kelly) CS: Micah Iverson (I think Micah will redeem himself on PO with Kelly's right song choice she will pick him if he delivered well) WC: Mandi Thomas (or Cedrice but I'm not fan of both but to be honest if America's not racist it will be Cedrice but still I don't care) Nick PV: Allegra Miles (Same as Megan teenage girl but she needs to please people with the way she sings) CS: Thunderstorm Artis (I can see him as coach save but he can also be voted because he has a great tone) WC: Michael Williams (White Guy Mark Isaiah/Ryan Sill of the season unless Roderick or Arei sing something pop and did good?) John PV: Mandi Castillo (I still believe she can pull something good and will be voted by public) CS: Mike Jerel (or Cammwess Depending on the song choice I think he will save one of them) WC: Zan Fiskum (To be honest not a fan of her but she have a good tone but I don't know yet if she get that much votes) Blake PV: Todd Tilghman (No reason not to be PV coz Team Blake) CS: Toneisha Harris (Definitely Blake's Save) WC: Joanna Serenko (I know that she will be voted coz she's really good) Joanna easily wins the Instant Save!
  19. Cedrice Over Micah? LMAO. I think Kelly sticks with whom she's thinking is her frontrunner/favorite. Example of her saves: S14:DR King S15:Kymberli Joye S16:Jej S17:ShaneQ All of her saves are always one of her original artist. Anyways she might get the instant save top 17th spot.
  20. Hope that she's the 2nd to the highest. Wonder if she'll go country?
  21. Both Joanna and Zan are in the verge of being eliminated unless they pull a really nice song and their coaches are impressed.
  22. As much you guys discuss the 4-Way KO, I'm still excited to see how Mandi Castillo beat Thunderstorm????? Did Mandi C. made a Spanish Version of Stand By Me or some lyrics where in spanish that John liked?
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