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  1. I'll start with Season 7 S7 - Taylor Phelan (His audition is really good and something different for me but he went downhill because of his KO) S8 - Deanna Johnson (Her audition was good but after that she was mehhh for me) India Carney for me on the other hand is my favorite so she's not Run To You and Hurt are so good. S9 - Barrett Baber (I liked his audition but after that I lost interest in him) S10 - Mary Sarah and Ryan Quinn (They're audition are so good for me but after that they can't show or top their blinds) S11 - Wé McDonald and Aaron Gibson (Same as above, they didn't shine for me) S12 - Felicia Temple (I liked her BA but she went downhill after it) S13 - Ashland Craft and Moriah Formica (I love their Blinds but they didn't exceed our expectation after that, specifically Ashland became boring) S14 - Britton Buchanan and Johnny Bliss (Both auditions caught my attention but they become too consistent and didn't give something different about them) S15 - SandyRedd (She's really good at her BA but she went downhill after that and we all know it) S16 - Celia Babini (Her BA is something new to me that time and I liked it but she went downhill also) and Domenic Haynes (My Favorite Blind Audition of All Time but after that he didn't show something new to me) Jej Vinson (For me he's really good at BA and Battles but after that he has poor song choices which America didn't like) S17 - Will Breman and Joanna Martinez (I liked both of their BA but I'm not impressed by their succeeding performances)
  2. Even here his voice is DAMN GOOD. https://youtu.be/Qi8e39yKgRw
  4. Add me! Thanks OMG she's so good. I wanna hear her perform some of these. Nick really made a wrong decision to let her go.
  5. I don't like sawyer winning that season. Kimberly Nichole or India Carney or even Meghan Linsey should have won that.
  6. Kaya nga nakakabitin. Kawawa yung mga nauna baka nakalimutan na ng mga tao. Which is why I am into The Voice US now. Been watching since season 4.
  7. Yup, this is the explanation I've been thinkin. Thunderstorm has a phenomenal blind audition and having a mistake on the most important phase to determine the front runner of the show means losing some who believes that he can win.
  8. Wow mga pinoy pala. HAHA. Who else?
  9. It's the opposite for me because I always want to hear what the coaches will say on the performances.
  10. I disagree, I think they will air Allegra Vs. Jacob. I still think Thunderstorm will be the Matthew Schuler of the season. Team Kelly seems off as always for me, I really don't like her choices most of the time. She sometimes have favoritism but I like Micah as her favorite this season.
  11. I'm not saying Mandi C. is a country artist but just addition to what I'm saying on how Cedrice will be voted out because of country voters.
  12. Yup Shane Q on lives is worse than her.
  13. I'm not sold by Cedrice, I really don't like her and I feel she's really a bland/boring vocalist.TBH I like Mandi C. than her. Blogs and youtube voters are not as many as Country votes.
  14. Yup they are short on Artists by 2 and some are boring. Last season was really good except Jake Hoot winning.
  15. You all should have made this Thread Celia Babini Hater's Thread. LMAO
  16. But her The Chain Performance is good. Maybe John fluctuated on coaching her here and the song choice is not good.
  17. S1 - S3 I really don't like these seasons. S4 - The Swon Brothers (I don't really like these duo) S5 - Team Blake really sucks S6 - Jake Worthington (Mediocre Country Artist) and Team Shakira ( Her top 12 team really sucks) S7 - Ryan Sill (Should have been eliminated before lives), Sugar Joans and Craig Wayne Boyd (I really don't like this winner, Team Adam is really robbed) S8 - I really like all of them but I didn't watch any Brian Johnson performance S9 - Braiden Sunshine (Ellie Lawrence and Lyndsey Elm are both robbed), Emily Ann Roberts (Danielle Bradbery wannabe) and Zach Seabaugh (Boring) S10 - Laith Al-Saadi and Nick Hagelin (Boring) S11 - Josh Gallagher, Austin Allsup (Boring) and Courtney Harrell (A mess after her KO). S12 - Mark Isaiah and Jesse Larson (really sucks) and Troy Ramey (is boring) S13 - Adam Cunningham (is boring and Emily Luther is robbed here), Ashland Craft(yuck should have been defeated by Chloe on KO, Miley made a horrible mistake choosing her, very bland country artist) and Red Marlow (worst country artist ever) S14 - Rayshun LaMarr (is annoying) Jackie Verna and Kaleb Lee (are boring) S15 - Tyke James and Dave Fenley (are both boring) and Chris Kroeze (didn't deserve a runner up, should be eliminated on the KOs by Michael Lee) S16 - Team Blake (I don't like all of them) (Why all of you hate Celia? She's a mess on Crossbattles but she's good on lives) S17 - Jake Hoot (didn't deserve that win Ricky Duran should have won this), Cali Wilson (is boring she should have lost to Marina Chello in KO), Will Breman (It should be Khalea Lynee on Top 12) and Shane Q (is a mess, please have mercy on our ears)
  18. No, I think Thunderstorm vs Mandi C I think will be last because some people will think since Thunderstorm done something wrong in his KO performance he was stolen by Nick because he was the last and he seems good.
  19. Why is there 2 tapings? 2-day taping or one-day taping. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and changing their audience per taping?
  20. Do you know Darby Walker last Season 11? They have some kind of resemblance coz she's alternative/indie. She's Team Miley and eliminated on Top12.
  21. I think they will montage 1 KO to show the 4-Way KO. Hope it's only 1 coz they are so shit to montage 2
  22. Eitherway if it's Thunderstorm and Mandi C. Then it's exposure at its finest. Can they leak no-steal KO?
  23. They should make it a sneak peak. Or Thunderstorm's gonna be sneak peaked 3x. Btw did they spoil a KO without a steal?
  24. I think Zan will not because majority of voter's don't appreciate voices like her. In the past seasons there's no one like her in the Finale(Correct me if I'm wrong).
  25. He's good but Christiana Danielle's Version is still my favorite.
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