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  1. A good drinking game would be to take a drink every time Kelly makes that annoying sound...
  2. Normally under the three songs format, TCO opened and closed the show at the same time (Carter, Maelyn) but I don’t think the show can get away with doing that with only two songs
  3. This may sound cynical of me but I really hope Arianators dominate the votes next season to give the Blake’s army a taste of their own medicine because...
  4. Um... Idk what’s happening, but this is not good...
  5. Dana Monique - Caught Up in the Rapture (Anita Baker)
  6. Pia Renee - everything i wanted (Billie Eilish) Yeah right, “songs that they’ve chosen.”
  7. If Blake wins with Cam, I really think he can retire from the show. He has proven everything he could, winning with almost every type of artist/genre possible. Had Kyla wanted to win, he could have taken her to that trophy as well, methinks. Is he ready to give up that paycheck and is the show ready to give up the Blake’s army though?
  8. Cam going last last week then second to last this week...
  9. Do they draw these performance orders from a hat? Gihanna solo and duet right next to each other, Team John’s solo done in the first quarter of the show, Corey and Gihanna’s solos are right next to each other despite from one team...
  10. Gihanna Zoe - Happy Gihanna Zoe - U Got It Bad Gihanna Zoe - Forget You Gihanna Zoe - Hollaback Girl Gihanna Zoe - And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going Gihanna Zoe - Empire State of Mind (featuring rap performance by Pia) So many options I’m gonna say she’s singing Christina Aguilera or something though.
  11. Omg we’re getting Dana, Pia and Victor. I’m eternally happy now.
  12. Corey is making some... questionable choices so far vocally, or am I weird...?
  13. I stand corrected. But I think this applies to most winners and contestants who come back as well.
  14. You can clearly tell why The Voice winners are not successful lol. If I’m a casual viewer and you tell me Ian is a contestant this year, I would have believed you. The winners should exude at least some star quality power already when they come back to perform, but Ian (and a lot of Voice winners) just don’t have it.
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