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  1. heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes So happy for Cam he deserves all the love and joy he's getting
  2. Also Wendy getting a standing ovation as she should wbk but it's nice to get the confirmation
  3. GYMANI??? KJ???? BELLA??? JERSHIKA???? WENDY???? I ain't breathing rn
  4. The S16 group performance of "Edge of Seventeen" with Celia, Presley, Lisa and Betsy
  5. no bcs this was a SERVE and I've never seen it being mentioned
  6. Not sure if this is something that pisses y'all off or not but think about it this way. These past seasons there doesn't seem to be any major focus on a gender to win the show right? And every single time a male wins. The fact that at this point they probably felt the need to "design" a "waffle" supremacy season just because that's the only way to get one to win, says a lot lol.
  7. I did. Honestly think about it. The (likely) more successful group competition wise so far, they were in taping 1, and they got 4 chairs. In a season full of groups (5 I think) they're probably gonna want to showcase them positively. Either way, it's very very likely we're getting a group in the first episode. Jim/sasha could be it too, but saying GNT will be in the premiere isn't too far off tbh.
  8. OMG RIO AND JOHN H?!?!?! Sooooo so so so happy for them
  9. This. As much as I’d love a Wendy/LiBianca top 2 (or even throw Lana in there) I can’t see Peedy not making it via PV based on what we know. Whether he makes it far after that is another thing. I cant say the same about Hailey Mia. She’s talented af but her team is stacked at this point. I think she’s at least a WC spot, but I’m not as positive of her chances getting PV over others on Kelly’s team.
  10. The only ones I see as a lock for the premiere are David, Bella, GNT, Hailey Green and maybe Wendy (manifesting episode 3 for her) Jonathan is also someone I see going ep 1, since he was John's first artist. Although that could be easily edited.
  11. Considering it's a song featuring Ari (and I'm pretty sure it was specifically said that version was performed) then I'm pretty sure they'll avoid montaging that one, and if it needs extra editing, then they'll do it lol. We never know tho lol
  12. Also, was reading the OP and idk if this has been discussed yet, but is there any main info that discards Shadale as the taping 7 female?
  13. yeah, I have my doubts about the battles consisting of winners being KO losers being shown in full, especially without source comments. TelepatΓ­a is insanely good so I'm with you on this one, even though I haven't necessarily checked out the contestants who are singing it as much.
  14. Not a single day has passed where I havent been STOKED for these songs finally being covered for the first time (or done before, but this time they were successful) on the show we ain't ready! edit: ESPECIALLY Miss Damaged My wig is so not ready
  15. Honestly, I'm betting on Samuel. Shadale ould be one too. I think Lana is a one chair turn, maybe because it would be rad for her to have that storyline of a one chair in the blinds, being saved in the battles because of her improement, and then absolutely slaying the KOs and devouring a 4 chair turner! I'm expecting Ari to have at least 1 4 chair turner, so I'm betting on Jim & Sasha, although it could also be one of her KO/Battle eliminees (minus Vaughn, KCK3 and Katherine)
  16. Ugh Ryleigh covering one of my top fav songs of all time????? Today couldn't have been better
  17. I'm so ready to see Hailey bloom on show and gain so much support from this experience! This will be a huge kickstart for her career and I can't wait to see what she does next!!
  18. I said this in the main thread, but the fact that LiBianca has tackled 3 different genres on the show is just so intriguing to me. Like I'm so interested in her next song choice! I know she's gonna kill it for sure
  19. Also, just curiosity, but do we think/know anything about Ari's save? we know she went up against Raquel in the KOs and her name possibly starts with K, so I'm thinking Kaitlyn Velez? or maybe Katie Mortimer? I think they were both heavily speculated to make it past blinds? Katie could also be the one who went against Barrett in the battles (since she was described as white) which makes me think Kaitlyn is Ari's save
  20. We also know LiBianca's BA: Good Days Battles: Save Your Tears KOs: Everything I Wanted Interesting bcs she's done a mix of pop, R&B, and indie, and apprently the pop one was her most "meh" one. I think she's more versatile than expected. Also, if "Sugar, We're Going Down" is David's battle song, we kinda know all 3 of his too lol
  21. very that. KJ is a star and there's a reason why she immediately caught our attention with her stunning cover of "Misty"! The Voice is only the beginning for her and while I can't wait to watch her performances, I'm een more excited for what she'll do afterwards!
  22. no bcs this is literally what heaven sounds like
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